Spent $39 Made $500 CPA Adult Traffic | What To Do When You Get Lots Of Clicks But No Conversions?

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Team DeAngelo says:

Had a piece of shit spam dislike my video be sure to show it some love 🙂

Spiffy 2x says:

Hey can u email me the Cash network affiliate

Fritz J says:

You have any video tutorials on Pay Per call CPA?

Newbie Lessons says:

That's good info. My tracking was not tight when I first started out and just like you said. I lost a grip and didn't get any data.

Darinel Aizprua says:

What tracker ar you use?

Davon Bain says:

Yo can you do a training on putting the Postback Url properly with your tracking software & how to track source id's im familiar but id like to see your walkthrough to get a better understanding

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