Softrade Ai Review – Forex Ponzi Scam With Fake Trading

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💥Passive Crypto Prelaunch 💥 My Top Program Softrade AI Review Summary
What is The Launch List?
Key Figures : Ryan Baines (Fake Name)

Product Type : Crypto/Forex Ponzi MLM

Summary : Fake Forex trading is said to generate profits of between to 2% and 4% per weekday. The minimum package is $25, no maximum is specified. Capital is held for 35 days. SoftradeAI also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating: F

Verdict: This is a Russian ponzi scam that will be around for a very short time. Be careful!


pavlovsdoggies says:

Loads of proof online that the Oracle is the true owner of Softtrade so will scam out as all the platforms he is the true owner of do. Bains is a actor hired by Oracle.


Just curious how can you claim it to be a scam and you haven't tried it? There's videos showing people making withdrawals from the company and I know people personally who have withdrawn money from it.

Joey Ford says:

He must be psychic? And if he is, he's listening to some trickster spirits. "When you hear this accent you KNOW he's deep in the Russian mafia" Hahahaha!!!! This is comedy.

david mack says:

Russian mob?? You should market this as a comedy channel..

mark hall says:

4% plan = 2.5714286% per day

2.5714286% per day of 1000 = 25.714286 per day = (899.85)or 900 net profit, plus 50%( 500 ) returned and add 500 = 1000 for next investment

mark hall says:

Softrade AI SoftradeAI Ryan Baines Is (FAKE)-

Sam Hines says:

The guy don’t even show his trades what’s there to hide lol

Sam Hines says:

The guy showed his face on live stream with oracle he can still do a runner

Amanda Choses says:

you got this one right.. Softrade AI is TOTAL scam! They are the same scammers called Capward Bull and Creckino… exite scammed in December… they are so cynical that came back barely disguised..

Midwest Auditor says:

Not a scam my neighbor uses it. Totally legit

Truth Seeker says:


Gilbert Ohene says:


mark hall says:

Geese this went big time!!! are you sure actually it 2.85% after the fee of 50% of your deposit = about 35% fee — also the packages have changed and you need to check out the Facebook page —

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nawaz ali says:

Can you review

Terrell Donald says:

Bitch everything is a scam for u, what you have that not a scam. What u selling

Shift Happens says:

Looks like same crew that made

Trevor Angel says:

Can you review – couldn’t find your email to pm you

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