SEC vs Traffic Monsoon – An Objective Preliminary Assessment

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On July 26, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a case in US Federal Court against Traffic Monsoon and its owner Charles Scoville. Thus far, only the SEC’s side of the story is documented. As of the date of the recording on July 27, 2016, a hearing of the parties was scheduled for August 5, at which time more complete information will have been presented to the court and otherwise made available. The August 5 hearing has been delayed now, and we recommend you stay updated.



Traffic Monsoon
Charles Scoville
Securities and Exchange Commission


sandeep sharma says:

मेरा एक छोटा सा पत्र सिक्योरिटी कमीशन एक्सचेंज के नाम
मेरा नाम संदीप शर्मा है और में दिल्ली से Belong करता हूँ
मेरा निबेदन सिर्फ आप सा बस इतना सा है आपका जो भी निर्णय हो वो नीतिपूवक हो
क्योकि आपका कोई भी गलत लिया गया निर्णय अनगिनत लोगो को बेघर कर सकता है /
क्योकि ट्रैफिक मानसून एक bussiness ही नहीं बल्की सभी लोगो की दिनचर्या का हिस्सा बन चुका है !
कृपया करके कोइ भी (ponzi ) निर्णय न ले !

E Mo says:

thanks for your help u doing good

Marketing & Motivation with Gene Wolff says:

What doesnt make sense is why Charles didnt just pay people and there balances from paypal. Why withdrawal to your account then say you are doing it to upload it all to payza lmao. Makes no sense. Not calling charles a scammer, but clearly you are not doing the logical and credible thing by withdrawing 36 million in funds when you can just pay people directly through paypal.

Paypal released the funds so there is no issue on paying people now on there requests. Instead you fuck everything up lol Went from genius revenue share creator to homer simpson DOH.

Anne Marita says:

What also really looks bad for Scoville; he was completely against people trying to get their money returned by PP and actually "punished" people for doing so by banning them from TM. And look what happened! How can people still have faith in him….?

muhammad imran says:

Just want to know from your experiences…what will happen those peoples who invested (as SEC said) money in TM. SEC will refund member's money or government will take the money?

Random Gaming says:

Do scotville can end in prison if SEC wins? I hope so. I dont know in USA but many of his "clients" are from europe and many other countries where TM is not registered or paying tax. Also SEC should know and probably does know that Scamville had at least 10 ponzi in the past where all got shutdown and ppl got scammed.

Benaissa Rachid says:

It was extremely useful. thanks Mr James

TM-Trafficmonsoon says:

trafficmonsoon blocked paypal @ support not help

Charles Ian Allen says:

Charles Scoville is an idiot.

Nitesh Rochani says:

the result is tm goes with big money of the people……….can anybody (also sec)answer that why only case against traffic monsoon site & not clixsense, neobux, grandbux working from years??????

Hanif Mohammadi says:

How can I get in contact with you?

Jon L says:

There are lots of people out there still in denial . If the receiver takes over , it is likely to take about a year to process the elligible claims ie refund seed money and will likely to be delivered in stages depending on the pool of money available. Based on previous similar cases, there could be a class action against the main net winners and anyone who has earned over $1000 from TM. In the case of Zeekrewards, it took 3 years for members to get 60% of their investment refunded and still waiting for the rest.

Jon L says:

As it stands TM has delivered 10% of the ad credits promised with the adpacks. The SEC could take the view that TM members were still buying adpacks in great numbers over a period of time while getting only 10% of the credits without being too bothered about it.Which suggest that advertising was just a smokescreen and everyone was in it for the "return" on the AP hence investment.

John Hopkins says:

Quite correct about Charles and Traffic Monsoon.
Would be great though if it didn't come from one who's involved with several other internet scams.

The FullTimeFather says:

Hi James, your past expertise has given us insights that are very helpful.

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