Sean O’Malley & Steiny On Logan Paul vs Bradley Martyn

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@Skatematey1312 says:

Steiny is a rat imagine picking someone famous over ur friend

@dannggg says:

160 lbs top
Level wrestler took Bradley down. What u think a top level wrestler like Logan was gonna do.

@JoshOSU73 says:

Does everyone have their own recording studio now? That's all YouTube is now. A bunch of clout chasers doing podcasts. What the hell happened while I was working 10 hour days for the past 3 years?

@reviewforthetube6485 says:

Man this is all hype, yall this is to setup a match with logan and bradely for everyone to get interested in. But if something did go down it was wrestling/grappling.

@TheNeoSabre0 says:

No one wants to hear that little weasels take man, I love Suga but he doesn't half swim in some stupid circles

@user-es5nu9hv8w says:

Americans call this a fight and they think to go in war with Russia axaxaxaxaxa

@user-zr1vs5rw2d says:

They not fight, they just want a attention for u are

@abdalladaud6704 says:

The worst UFC fighter
I hope you bet alot money on dustin poirier.
No fun of the sugar stuff.

@pinuri69 says:

Not a scratch on any of them tho. Bull!

@JosephSettle-xe8mh says:

Brad doesnt have 50 pounds on logan more like 20-30

@LUC1FER_R1S1NG says:

they didnt fight….wheres the blood, bruises, etc

@MarcAngeloGaming says:

Bro why does brad keep goin for takedowns and wrestling move, he’s too big and stiff for that, Logan has experience in wrestling, what he shoulda done is trained his hand skills from a distance, like bro had no plan going in, jesus Christ guard up and throw some hands, dude tackling thinking he’s gonna win, that pummel stuff is not gonna work on wrestlers like if honestly had some take in fighting you’d know how to throw hands instead of power shits, im 198lbs and i don’t train fighting but i cam tell you rn i cant throw fast swing and when it connects, my pressing and punching is hard af and fast and i dont fight but its literally like basics

@lirbic says:

They didnr even fight

@Jay-L33 says:

Logan next to Brad was the most shocking thing. Logan was just as tall, if not taller, had a better physique, and was almost just as big.
I bet Logan was 225 ish, and with Brad clearly off cycle, Brad was probably 245ish. Logan is basically a more cut up version of Brad that day.
Also, someones "wind" is one of the most important things in a fight. Something Logan CELARLY would have a big advantage on..
I'm 37, wrestled through college, and still have GREAT wind. Last year a guy I work with wanted to fight me over something and basically just attacked me.
All I did was defend, and 30 seconds later the guy was breathing so heavy he said he was fixing to pass out. Rather than hurt the guy I let him know what I could have done to him right then (while he was so badly winded). My point? Not that I am a badass, but rather GET YOUR WIND UP.

@ajreyesjr says:

About time 260 gets hunbled

@DeejayFoShoww.1 says:

great pr stunt. act like thwy fought or dont show the fight thwn announce tehm fighing on tv and thats why logan said train and ill have an oppotunity for you

@XIAXCI says:

we have a trained fighter who went against one of the best in world. vs a man who works out. do we have to really have to question won?

@Jamesbond-fq9xw says:

Was it with gloves

@marksc1929 says:

Size wise just think of the Gracie’s … they were next to impossible to beat .

@gabrielresendiz2096 says:

Got a feeling this is going to be Brad’s new arc. He’s going to start training MMA

@UnknownUnknown-cj2wz says:

Logan paul isnt a fighter theres a reason why he juices hes inadequate. Never actaully seen him compete legit against anybody not 100 lbs lighter

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