Sander van Doorn – Nano (Album Version)

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2011. If there’s one thing we can say about the evolution of the worldwide dance scene this year, is that it’s genres are being mashed up like never before. On his new artist album ‘Eleve11’, Sander van Doorn once again does what he does best, mixing up styles, genres and artist-cooperations.

Along side his smash hits ‘Koko’ and ‘Love is Darkness’, Eleve11 is packed with cooperations such as ‘Believe’ with singer/songwriter Tom Helsen, Eagles with Adrian Lux and Sander’s latest Purle Haze installment ‘Timezone’

All in all, Eleve11, with it’s corresponding 11 tracks all recorded in 2011, shows the world exactly what Sander van Doorn has evolved into.. A worldwide dancemusic phenomena.


1. Interlude // Love Is Darkness feat. Carol Lee
2. Koko
3. Believe feat. Tom Helsen
4. Nano
5. Rolling The Dice with Sidney Samson & Nadia Ali
6. Beyond Sound (Godskitchen Urban Wave mix)
7. Timezone feat. Frederick
8. Drink To Get Drunk
9. Who’s Wearing the Cap with Laidback Luke
10. Slap My Pitch Up
11 Eagles with Adrian Lux

iTunes bonus track: Kitten (iTunes only)


jose luis mar says:


andro renco says:

try sander van doorn – reach out !! best 😀

Harmen Liefhebber says:


FUCK i thought i was the only one. He just makes utter crap now come on Lady Gaga?

Sander is dead…

I'm with you bro!!

Harmen Liefhebber says:

Listen Pumpin and Pura vida. Makes this look like crap…

His best 90's sound beat is Season. Look it up people.

He's not the artist he once used to be…


Casper & Kasper says:

"Sander van Doorn once again does what he does best, mixing up styles". That's a fucking lie. Sander is best at tech-trance. Sad he hasn't been true to his trance roots 🙁

Sami El Katouani says:

The Haters Make The Dislike Bar Like A Joint !

SchuperNaturalistic says:

Amazing Chords.

bartjuh162ownz says:

Proud to be dutch!

blanzo1337 says:

Thumbs up if this music gives you a deep touch inside!

Abel Reyes (DJ Chile) says:

1 person likes David guetta

ecacron says:

He still the king of the castle!!

slavewhipper says:

damn ive seen him live but was focusing on other things besides the music.. but after listening to this playlist i understand the magic

alex maderias says:

so far so good
no dislikes(:

bieropener says:

I'm serious starting to think that he's the best dutch producer of the moment! Can somebody proof me wrong? He should be prime minister of sound with this album!

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