Sally’s Nano Tank 1 YEAR UPDATE!! (8g – 11/15/2017)

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Join us as we take a look at how Sally’s 8g nano tank has been up to this year! Also be sure to follow her on Instagram @missaveragereefer!

Music by: DJ Quads


W4RD1N8ER says:

Her Tank looks great! and starting a channel is not a huge thing either. I made my channel just to help people with Co2 systems in planted tanks because there was not much information about it when I started and now people are so used to looking at YouTube because there is always help on here. we all share Ideas! I just like I watching this channel just to see how you do things and learn what helps you and I like your tanks!

Jason Kong says:

what tank is that?

Nat - Reefing on a budget King says:

You guys so funny lol, love the tank

Legendary King says:

What happened to the other clown….I see only one

A Mckenzie says:

Do you think 2 of those lights be enough for my JBJ 45 FOWLR ?

Huybert says:

What PH meter are you using?

915Mang says:

Keep it up Sally

MBsavage says:

Dude Ive been subbed to your other channel Mok-yi chow for years i recognized your voice in another video lol cool to see you back to fish keeping.

Eddie's Reef Aquaria says:

Good Going Sally! Eddie

William X says:

I know it’s off topic, but is the large green coral in the front of mochis tank a trumpet coral? If not, what is it? It’s beautiful!

Kevin Hayes says:

Tanks looking great! Awesome start sally, I think your going to do amazing in this hobby.

K-reef Aquarium hobby says:

Looking great!!!

Raymond Sim says:

Great update! Was waiting for this review, as from the Zetlight unboxing, you mentioned to pass that light to Sally. Have a similar tank size, and was contemplating on getting the Kessil A80. Watching this, I’m definitely going with the zetlights

Jeremy Triana says:

Sally what's your number? Beautiful with a body too hmu got you

Lawrence says:

i've literally been waiting for this for a WHOLE YEAR!

Meldium says:

Love her giggles. Awesome work with the nano. You have a great tutor as IR to help a long the way. She doesn't have her own channel but she's more famous than me! Haha Go Sally!!! It was a pleasure to have met the both of you in RAP NY. Time sure does fly. I'm about to hit that one year marl with my Cube myself. Hee hee!
Stay Reefing and high 5 to the both of you.

Ricordea Freak says:

Thank you for all the great videos you post. They are always so well done and informative. It was nice to see an update on Sally's 8g. I've been following along for the past year and I have the same tank as Sally, but the 4g version with a Zetlight ZA1201 as well. If you have a moment stop by my channel to take a look at a 1 year mark video I recently posted.

Manny Gardner says:

We love Sally, already followed you. Go get that big tank lol

Nikhil's Reef Tanks says:

What happened to the other clown fish

Someone Forsaken says:

Wow. Sally has the same black clown back as the one on my 80 gal. (It's name is Monoinky or "Inky")

Mega Ab says:

You sound like a proud bf

Beyond Berlin says:

I just binge watched all those videos on her tank last week and I’m so happy to see u guys post a recent one!!

jerry ebner says:

Very nice tank!

Tina's Reef says:

Sallys tank looks great!!!

Paul says:

We need Sally to do her own channel …!!!

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