Salim Merchant shares details on his early influences | part 1 | S08 E07 || converSAtions

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He is the younger son of the late Sadruddin Merchant – who was a composer, musician, instrument manufacturer all rolled into one!

In part 1 of converSAtions, Salim Merchant shares his early childhood influences of his father along with details on how he worked with different composers, performs on stage and lives like a music student even today!

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Desi Sonic says:

Can we have Gopi Sunder on the show please?
It would be good to deviate from mostly mumbai based composers, producers and engineers and get some south based personalities too on the show…. thanks and regards.

Desi Sonic says:

Great interview. Gained a lot of motivatiom from his words. Thanks Sudeep Audio.

Ishaan Nigam says:

One of my fav composer from industry. Thanks Sudeep sir for bringing his life experiences to us. 🙂

Utkarsh Akash says:

Call mithoon.

indran subramaniam says:

salim bhai, suleiman bhai…u two are my heroes since my childhood days…i grew up listening to your music arrangements and programming….in all those Bollywood numbers…l m a musician too….hope we gonna meet someday…big fan bhai ap dono ka bachpan se…keep creating the magic…see ya…ur ab tak chappan background score is one of the best in the world sir…according to me…

Nikhil Suryawanshi says:

nice plz do with ajay atul also

Abhinav Prajapati says:

plz interview mithoon sharma

Guitar Bollywood says:

Great interview. Look fwd to the second serving… 3rd, 4th… as Salim said, make it a 5-part series. Bring it on!
SS are one of the busiest in the circuit. Rightfully so. Sometimes my head spins seeing their concert calendar. One show in Delhi, next in Calcutta, next in Dubai, next in Melbourne. At times there are 10-11 shows in a month, all over the place.
I am little envious of these guys, when he says we are always in vacation mode. When you love your work that much, you don't have to work at all. Good on him.

Sharad Varma says:

@sudeepaudio Thank you for sharing us with this one. Waiting for more episodes.
I have a request to you. Can you please share with us Dil Diyaan Gallan Mixing..esp the recording and mixing chain for Atif's vocals, and it's FX. To my ears this is one of the best mix I have heard in a long time.
Can't ask any one else..
Will be grateful to you. Pleasee :):')

fewrewtet mrertewtw says:

Please share part 2

Dilip Singh lyricist says:

It's very good

I want to meet salim sir and show my lyrics please give me address and contact number of salim sir

Faraj Ahmed says:

This duo is my favourite, there are few movies i only watched just to listen to their background score. You are amazing sir. Hope i will have a chance to meet you one day.

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