Ryan Hildreth – The Double-Dip Scammer

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Ryan Hildreth one of the original Bitconnect scammers is back to scam again! This time Youtube automation is his scam of choice! As I’ve explained in the past many times Youtube automation does not work and these fake gurus make their money from selling courses that are thousands of dollars.

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This channel is all about exposing fake gurus, amazon fba scammers, and crypto scammers. I also aim to help people learn how to correctly build wealth through the stock market and other non scam investments.


@justiceedwinreacts says:

Are you saying that YouTube automation is a scam?

@justiceedwinreacts says:

Thank God for you,i was about to be scammed big time by this Ryan Hildreth

@oluwatosinjd5252 says:

Ryan Hildreth is a big Scammmm

@PeaceBeginsOnYourPlate says:

His ads and Cash Flow Channels website wreaked of scam.

@ChrisNedland-qt3ug says:

Thank you for calling out scammers!

@kdusna84 says:

Excellent summary. I got an email from this clown a couple days ago. Not even sure how he can even look at himself in the mirror.

@threeMetreJim says:

Just came across one of these scams actually advertising on YouTube… WZ-oIhOG-0o (this is the video ID, no link in case linking is off).

@AC-pr2si says:

Thanks for exposing this dude.I tried one of his methods and got a copyright strike already.Thanks

@historiascuriosas-ix1uv says:

Yes, maybe or probably he is scamer but he has a intelligence higher than promedium , by this reason can manipulate to people

@user-ll6yi3zh9m says:

Watching his video in Nov 2023…meaning, I think it's time for another video on this idiot. Anyway, keep up the great work brother!

@TaiwoWilliams says:

Thanks for this! I subscribed to him the other day, however his videos are just lack in any valuable content. In fact, he just promotes his cash cow channel. I unsubscribed from him, and you have a new subscriber in me! Gratitude once again.

@arielsky3851 says:

Well done sir, well done!

@Cardboardcar918 says:

My channel was deleted using the strategy of stolen content don’t try

@sundisc13 says:

After talking with Ryan's team member, I learned he is asking $3497 for his step-by-step program. You will also need to pay for your own team of creators monthly $500, which totals $4K for the start. I am only on his newsletter list, and I got today's email from Ryan: the most recent addition to the Cashflow Channels program was implementing AI to cut team costs down to $350 per month. That's the deal folks!

@jonblaze5542 says:

thanks for the update! although i am trying to make money online, it always helps to identify the scammers. It would be awesome to see some real results from people having success in the online venture… thanks and god bless. jack-gulf shores alabama

@user-dl2lc3gq1q says:

Finally someone is telling the truth about this guy. He wanted $3495.00 from me to take his course so I could make millions of dollars. I told him I don't have that kind of money. Then serval months later he sent me an email stating he would teach me the course for FREE. I then started receiving messages letting me know about the real him. A scammer and losing his business. I watched several of his videos and always left out a few steps that would not let finish the competition of what he was teaching. Then I knew something was not good with this guy. I am so glad God protected me from him. Beware everyone.

@motivationalyempowered says:

Thank You I almost got hooked up with this guy. Do you have anything on Dave Nick?????

@Daddypreneur001 says:

All speculation, no proof of any wrong-doing by @ryanhildreth. And btw, copyright laws state that you can re-post content if you change the original work. Get a life my guy.

@EduFeastFamily says:

Dear Scott Shafer,

I've been following your YouTube content closely and regard you as a reliable resource for starting my own channel journey. With a budget of $1000, I seek guidance on effectively monetizing my YouTube efforts. Your insights would be immensely valuable.

Best regards,

@ZZR6002012 says:

Thank you for this video! I know absolutely nothing about this. I happened upon his site. Was starting to develop an interest. Then my B.S. detector went off….Starting looking for videos claiming that he was not legit. Low and behold, there you appear. A godsend! Thank you for fighting the good fight and keeping people like me who have an honest interest in making some money online from getting ripped off! Thank You!!!

@njerigoro5066 says:

I am almost bought his course.thankvyou so much.i am so going to suggest coffeezilla to do this guy

@corporatemcmahon2815 says:

I remember that filth! Totally forget about this scum! Bitconnet scammer. Hope he lands in the BRAZZEN BULL!!!

@robertcurry7860 says:

Hey Scott, Thanks for making this important video about the real truth about this major scam artist Ryan Hildreth.

I wasted my time yesterday watching one of his videos on "Make $12.00 per YouTube Shorts" that involved illegally using other people's YouTube Video Shorts, which is a major Copyright Violation.

I also wasted my time this afternoon watching another one of Ryan's bogus videos on "Making $50 for typing Words" in actually, he deceitfully says it doesn't matter if you make mistakes in the typing test on the website he mentions in his terrible YouTube video. (which refers to Transcription Work and it in all actually, requires a person to be an extremely fast typist with any errors.)

I wish Google (who owns YouTube) would permanently ban Ryan Hildreth from YouTube, Thanks again, Scott.

@bruneldawood9791 says:

What's even pissing me more is that Ryan the scammer is popping up in my ads on youtube.

@goonn337 says:

Needs his ass whooped

@goonn337 says:

Yes he is a scammer

@m3carlino914 says:

Thanks for this valuable information. Thousands of dollars for a course is a Huge Red Flag but Did not know his history. THANK YOU !

@danielpeters1754 says:

Real hard work is done by putting in the hard work and seeing the fruits of your labor (reap what you sow). ALWAYS do your research! Thanks

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