RIP Coinbase? Binance launches new FIAT Exchange today!

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Hello Corp says:

Bye bye coinbase, you wont be missed

HI LuxLevel says:

After the initial wire transfer in, what are the normal deposit fees? Would like to compare it with Coinbase's fee structure.



клёвый обзор… Спасибо! 🙂 )))

radoinvest says:

Sunny, did you check this video? i think it is great video for 4years BTC cycle from great professional and really worth mentioning in your channel. – . Please make sure the creator is Bob Loukas not the other guy Roland or whoever it was (a bit misleading). One of your subscribers from quite some time (me). Thanks

Vegasjunky7 says:

Thanks Sunny, i used your referal id

Ferris Alkasid says:

it's all bullshit

Psaikodelik says:

I loved Binance, I used Binance…until they kicked me out. Told me to withdraw everything because they couldn't offer me their services anymore. After about 7 support tickets exchanged with useless bots, they told me they have blocked multiple countries for fear of terrorism funding and money laundering. Can you believe it? I, a fucking terrorist, with about 450Euros in BTC that I never moved from there…

simple one says:

You think that KYC is helping exchange security wise ? by the way cryptopia had KYC . No 2fa or KYC will help you with back door server attack or blockchain exploit . Do not keep more than you need to trade and spread your trades on more exchanges . none of them is bulletproof

Over Striker says:

Binance has no USD gateway. How much have they paid you for the shill? I had enough…

Pietro Del Franco says:

Coinbase is a bank. Kill banks.
They have been acting like such globalists and against the core principles of BTC in the pasts 2 years. Power and money corrupted them.
CZ is such a better person.

Andrew Freeman says:

New "LIMITED" Binance FIAT Exchange, they don't have USD

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