Review – Bulk Traffic Garbage Ez Visitors Traffic Source – Website traffic

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Review -Bulk Traffic Garbage Ez Visitors Traffic Source – Website traffic

Here is a site am getting some great opt-in’s/ traffic from

If you’re looking for bulk traffic or quality traffic then this site is not for you . Frankly , I would suggest anyone looking for quality traffic stay away from these websites .

Save your money and do your research on quality traffic and ones that work . It seems legit to think this website would give you all the traffic you need and more but it was not the case. I spent my money to see if their claims were true . But like the hyped up glittery site, it is to no avail it gave me results

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Simply Andrea says:

Scam Scam Scam only Scam. I have buy by this fucking EZ Visitors but I see only number not other.. I can`t see gain Full shit.

Body Building says:

Thanks for sharing this video .

Tech Experience says:

EZVisitors is a scam – almost a Year ago I Paid $50 for 50 Paid Leads "Guaranteed" they sent me 1300 leads and then just stopped, I've been sending them e-mails ever since and they don't even respond – they are a rip off, stay away BTW – I keep posting about them to warn others away and some of my post simply disappear lol

Brook a says:

This is fake. i tried it. it promised thousands of views and i got none after 3 month. It also has one of the worst dash board. You can t see nothing. only two numbers.


those surf sites are all garbage just use solo ads

You And Me says:

Thanks man this video really helped out?

Luis Alberto says:

dear friend ez visitors is a scam page?? because a arabian man in other channel in youtube promote this page his name is karmel book. in this channel also promote other scam pages builded only with wordpress!!! i see in in alexa ranks and woihs and my opinion is scam

lorenz__valdez says:

Is there a way to get your money back? Its day 3 and still no conversions.

Joe Curry says:

Which site do you recommend to promote clickbank products and make real sales?

Suriya Mutharaiyar says:

yes it's not real i lose $120 in these sites

Forex Friend says:

Thanking your review. Keep update more please. Thank you.

Stanley Lowry says:

So, what do you recommend??  Kind of weird to check out a site and then not recommend another.

syed samiulla says:

Good review it is 100% scam site

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