Response to Alana Arbucci video on 'getting [my] filler removed!'

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Dr. Gavin Chan responds to Alana Arbucci’s video on ‘I miss my old face… getting my filler removed.’

Dr. Gavin Chan and Dr. Mobin Master’s original video on the longevity of dermal filler;

Alana Arbucci’s original video can be seen here;

MRI scans performed by Dr. Mobin Master;


Alana Arbucci says:

Thank you so much for the support and the insight/words of wisdom. I really appreciate it, loved the video!

sun&moon says:

I was addict yo fillers for years. To the extent that I would not go on a Holiday if that would stop me from having money for my filler. Obviously, I wasnt happy. I moved house so I needed to save money, so that made me forcely stop spending all my money on that. At first, I couldnt see myself in the mirror, I couldnt accept my crowfeet, or not having enough cheekbones. But today, I feel free and I embrace myself ás I am. Thanks so much for this video, doctor

Sakshi Arora says:

Do fillers make your face round even when it is done once?

Acapella 777 says:

I will travel to you for your services! Where are u located


After 6 to 12 months of getting the filler and like you said once you get it done it only spreads and doesn't dissolve. So is it okay to get it dissolved and refill the under eyes? Also, is there any procedure that's safe to remove dark circles and hollowness? Surgical method like blepharoplasty is better or filler? Also, you're an amazing person, god bless!

beez. says:

Amazing video max info…Tks. Doc

Lexi Becker says:

what about threading to lift the nose? does ha have a vid about this? bc i wanna thred/lift my nose with a filler!

AI Genie says:

10:45 superb point…..90% of the dr's are interested in selling huge volume of fillers they never least care about customer's aesthetics….. better they can quit their profession…. I like this Dr's approach… slow steady win the reace

private private says:

i have a google pixel 4a, and I had a severe allergic reaction that swell my face up to the point that I looked like I had been beaten in the back of Wal-mart. I was trying to capture on my phone what I saw in the mirror, but the extent of the severity of my horrible face kept getting filtered automatically. i had to keep changing settings to reflect what i saw with my own eyes on the phone. cuz my sis kept saying, "it doesn't look that bad" and she was RIGHT. the dang phone kept trying to MAKE me look BETTER. I was trying to capture how BAD i looked

Rebecca Eisenberg says:

That was an incredibly informative video. Most people my age have no idea how long filler lasts. And I could not agree more that Alana Arbucci is insightful, intelligent, courageous, and generous to deconstruct her experience (literally!) and share her experience. I am extremely impressed!

Dead Smoking says:

How are these procedures even allowed without knowing this beforehand. It is the most basic study. A good tattoo and or piercer could have told you to check for remaining filler before getting more…
This is the problem with doctors and specialists. They live in a bubble and rarly step out of the corperate medicine scene to think for themselves.

Hungry Station says:

I’ve done under eye bags less than 1ml filler about 3 years ago in Victorian cosmetic institute, they were amazing and I used to have huge under eye bags but after 3 year I’m still happy with results that didn’t have to go again since. Doctors are amazing and well educated in this profession.

Gina says:

I need to understand something. Is this guy saying that you can never get rid of your filler on your own? it doesnt dissolve at all? it just moves?

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