Reebok BLACK & GUM NANO Pack 11/22

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Get your’s here on the 22nd! Make sure you use code SAVEMORE


Stefano Magaddino says:

"these one's"! Come on Joel!

Mads Gregor says:

I’m looking to buy the 2’s online but can’t find anywhere to try them on. I can find the 8’s in a local store, do you reckon I should go with the same size 2’s as I fit the 8’s?
Thanks for a great vid

TheFurchow says:

hey mate, love the vid. wondering how well these gum soled shoes fair in the rain (for us English). both for grip and for permeability of the upper toebox cheers

Jason says:

Are the 2’s better than the 6’s? And if you had to buy only one which one?

Ryan Bartel says:

Hey Joel, do you know if these will be available through Rogue Fitness? Also, I got a pair of Metcon Reppers at your recommendation awhile back and they are one of my favorite shoes for metcons! Keep up the good work!

Paul Caskey says:

Black and gum is the best looking colourway.

James Thomsen says:

Nano 9 predictions?

Fitness Junkie says:

Sick. Love them all. Got the 8s but the gum 2s??? That’s awesome.

Cliff Lew says:

Nano 8s $45!! at Dick's sporting good right now!

Joske Vermeulen says:

is there a reason why you don´t tighten your laces? Because to me it looks weird when you show the shoes and move your feet. Just saying! But keep up the good work, like your reviews!

Jinxxed says:

Anyone know if the 6's are coming to the uk?

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