REcyclix Schüttgut 2016 Basel

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Official Polish company for recycling. The official payment system !! For registration click on the link to the website My ID 4927-FD96-6D58
Al.Solidarnosci 115, office 2, zip: 00140, Warszawa, Polska
Tel: +48 662-862-010
KRS: 0000533282 REGON: 360290387 NIP: 5272725464
In order to understand marketing, the company gives a bonus of 20 evro, income from which is paid !! At any time we can see how much money we have in the Office tab. Waste is processed into granules for 5 weeks. During this cycle of your investment will bring 14%!. It is about 160% in Evreux! In addition, you can buy shares in the company (price for 1 share loaders – 1 € sorting line – 10 € Chopper – € 25 Washing line – 50 € granulator – 100 €) These shares increase your profit as% ratio and increase the quota for recycling . Earnings from referrals Level 1 Deposit: 12% Minimum payment is 20 euros. for payment processors: by bank transfer, credit card payment, Bitcoin. Vyplaty- via Paypal, cards and Bitcoin! You needed to buy a waste of 20 euros go to processing and to understand how the process of making a profit!
Profit from a bonus of 20 euro paid! My skype vadim7656


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