Recyclix office visit, Is Recyclicks a Scam or Legitimate earning opportunity – Michal Kalinowski

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I visited Recyclix office in Poland to see if this is real trading company or not. Have a look and decide yourself.

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Johans Acevedo says:

thnks … any news?

Евгений Хоминок says:

Компания платит .Рефбек 6% При регистрации.нужно ввести ID: 22AC-AD78-2BEB, кому интересна разовая прибыль, расскажу как 3а 35 дней(цикл) заработать 15евро.

Łukasz Kozak says: Zapraszam z mojego linka:)

Dario “Dar85” Di Vito says:

Is this you first video???

Dario “Dar85” Di Vito says:

Very good Job, I'll subscribe to your channel.

Kent Atmojo says:

nice job bro…..looking forward for your experiences….tq

Munther Ezel says:

thank you I hope you will go there again
We need you enter that building and talk with someone please to make suer this company it's not scam
thank you very much

Igork San Roman Orellana says:

Hi, what do you think about recyclix? There is pleople working there? Did you made the phone calls to know if they are real?

Alphan Balcı says:

thanks bro

Fabio Barreiro says:

Finally found someone to figure out if this is real or not…..Thank you for taking your time to do this. I'll subscribe to your channel and check your page.

Online Jobs says:


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