RECYCLIX – Get a €20 Welcome Gift – Make Money with Waste –

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Close – and now, after 2 days, there is several indicators that this Program may be for REAL – in other words quite possibly NOT A PONZI.

The are Located in Poland, and permit Visitors to visit their Facilities. I have received a Copy of their Legitimate Business License.

Therefore, I have decided to make A VIDEO and give you a TOUR of the Website

They have amazing Alexa Ratings with very strong participation by Russia and the Ukraine. Very new to Europe and America.

Their Site is Translated into Spanish, Polish, Russian and English.

Payments in & out can be done via CreditCard, Wire Transfer, PayPal or BitCoin. They have a clean Refund Policy – which is unusual in the industry.

And the gain apparently ranges from 8~18 % per month. Currently I have invested €200 Euro and they have honored me with a €20 Euro Gift – which they give to ANYONE who joins. Just on that small invest, they promise to pay me €495 – which, naturally, when fulfilled, will be superb.

I will keep you updated. I hope you enjoy the video.

RECYCLIX – Get a €20 Welcome Gift – Make Money with Waste –

To Join and get your €20 Euro Gift – use this link


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