Quick Beginners guide to Genesis Mining

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Find out what is the best Genesis Mining Contract:

ASK QUESTIONS! I will try to help you the best that I can.

Secure your Bitcoin with a Ledger Hardware Wallet:

I use Jaxx wallet:

I also use Genesis Mining you can get in for as little as $30!
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ZEC t1atLMJEMMQA5TJuGvaxvjzzScx4thLswDv
ETC 0x306Db3555Ae9BCAc9A55EE667AcD53B5a3787Cb2
ETH 0x71566509D58be5865B80B9EF338e8EF48A7331aE
PIVX DL2wKhwGzEdGi7DJq8YfGWCuXgdzMm4sLr

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Jose Cordero says:

get a 3 % my code is : lkO2pB

מיכאל יוסף says:

I bought a mining contract on the site (this is my first purchase) a few hours ago and the site does not add to my mining power and does not even show the order on my orders.
Is this normal?
If it's normal, how long should I see my order and start getting mining power?

מיכאל יוסף says:

If you buy a contract on the site you can enter this code – snexrp
During the purchase to get a discount of 3%

This is the discount code – snexrp

Honey A says:

i am 1 year in a Genesis mining contract now. Bought $6800 worth of hashing power for Ether, Dash and Monero. I can tell you first hand the payouts are always missing and are so little that I will be lucky to get 10% of my initial investment back. Although genesis might not look like a scam but it is. I fell into same bullcrap Marco Streng was speaking, hes a good salesman and has got to know that the people who invest in Genesis will never see any profit. When my contract is over I will gladly post my user id and password and everyone can log on see for themselves what kind of scam it is.

Mara A says:

I just signed up. I go too buy hashpower and there is only monero listed and when i drag the bottom icoon the minimum it allows me to buy is $830, i wanted to put $100 in a few coins. I am not able to

IgoBRi says:

Please use my code: ol59rF

Setiawan Santoso says:

hello use this code "zKDA5Y" and get 3% off purchase. thanks 🙂

SpaceL1on TV says:

Black Friday sale!!! Use code "ySG7uC" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!
THX and much love! 😀

BulgarianSouljah says:

Thanks for the video.
I used your 3% discount code, kindly use mine too, and whoever else in the comments area.
Thanks! 🙂

waleed ahmed says:

Use code "o3uDYi" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!

Eternal Soul* says:

My discount 3% code is hPcrGX I'll be using yours for my Upgrade

Leonard Ibong says:

https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1658456 For 3% discount use code IlpoL0

Jarebb Ng says:

Hi, I had used your code. Do use mine if ya upgrading k3QMIW. Thanks for the video

Thomas Turner says:

My Code P0TfSa and Thanks for the video

Chellefire says:

use my code? yr2Kmw

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