Percy with Russ in Singapore: Bitclub Network, "Just Getting Started!"

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Percy with Russ in Singapore: Bitclub Network, “Just Getting Started!”


Hermaya sol says:

Hahah this guy have a PHD on talking same thing over again and again with out miss a world that what scammer did.

Meer Farooq says:

I bough bitclub network founder package ( USD 3500.00) 2 years ago and I have zero downline because I realised as soon as i bought in it was the scam and I dont want bring anyone into this scam. Mining earning I made from dec2018 until today is less than USD 45.00 .Now that the website is down it even confirm that this is legit scam. Bitclub Network nothing but a ponzi scheme that using the bitcoin as a product to scam new comer to crypto and giving blockchain a bad name.So call the scumbs up-line in the group that I am in right now are shamelessly promoting another Ponzi scam which is DUNAMIS ( stay away from that as well) yes Bitocin is the future Blochchain technology is more desirable than ever but guess what it does not change the fact that bitclub network is still a scam . stay away guys. Dont invest in this shit .You are better off buying Bitcoin and keep it in your wallet and watch it grow.

Nill Tuts says:

Russ is charming but however, I do not believe he is willing to do whatever is possible to make the company better. There is a way to minimise electricity costs, increase harsh power, be more innovative and be more transparent as to how much power bitclub sells to investors. I understand Bitclub is an old and experienced player but its time for innovation and making things better because as we speak harsh rate has decreased over the past years. Investors have been putting in money we expect the harsh rate to be growing not dropping. What was the money put in by investors used for? This is the underlying cause of our current problems despite the price of bitcoin, the number of bitcoins I have been earning should not decrease otherwise we are losing it for better players who can make this clear to investors.

Difference Nkosi says:

I have learnt a lot more here, something that didn't add up to my thinking when it comes to mining and investment. This clip has opened my mind. Thanks Percy, for going an extra mile. Not just for you but for all the members who also were doubting Thomas's like me.

Val Ansley says:

Thank you for this honest interview = No guarantees here

Slumcode TV says:

Amazing Bro.

Bitcoin Money says:

Bitcoin is now heading to $100 000 that's 5 times what we've seen

We must not be distracted with the value of the current satoshis we making

Alice says:

Great interview but poor sound quality

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