PayGet HYIP Review with Sean Logan

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Sam OA says:

but count me in on this one…

Betsy says:

Sean thanks and please keep us posted on this one. The growth? Company and owner details? Honoring Withdrawals? etc. etc. Also, Congrats! I just saw saw your name on the pay-get website as having won a prize for cool YouTube video!!

tuanfaisal “Ustaz faisal” rahman says:

i want join this opportunity but me from it can bro?

lucy ng says:

Logan can I find out where you manage to find out about this contest

haris says:

is it affiliate

Kobus Louw says:

Hey Sean. Will be investing soon. Thanks for sharing and your passion in this.

Nick BizOp says:

This looks insane! I love amazing 5 but this is even better! Can't wait to get started

esc-LaVida says:

lol #amazing5

carl grant says:

I'll be checking back with you about this opportunity

MG La Muerte says:

You block me in facebook?? why??

Rickey Martin says:

Great video ill be checking it out sean…

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