No audience? 5 steps to grow your business from 0.

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5 steps to start a profitable business from zero // I’m here to reassure you that’s just not true. Every single business on the planet starts with no audience.

So, I wanted to simplify the process and give you specific steps on how you can start a profitable business without an audience in today’s video.

Here’s what I’m going to break down:
1⃣ Necessary Numbers
2⃣ Magnetic Messaging
3⃣ Create a Pipeline of Prospects
4⃣ Authentic Relationship Building
5⃣ Daily Revenue Generating Activities

I’m giving you a step-by-step action plan in this one, so get your notepad out because by the end of this, you will be able to build momentum and build an audience organically – no matter where you’re at in your business.

I want to hear from you in the comments below. So, I invite you to share your biggest takeaway and let’s continue the conversation!

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Deanne Shoyer says:

Gosh, so exciting and humbling to be mentioned as an example here!! Thanks so much Sunny ♥️ Everyone – Sunny’s methods work. This video is jam packed full of gold but the thing I personally appreciate the most from working with her and her team is the support you get – from Sunny, her team members and from the other folks who work with her. It’s an amazing community she’s built and I’m so happy I get to be a part of it.

Foley Details says:

In regards to the transformation statement, how would you pitch an educational product for the car detailing industry? I'm current putting a course together explaining processes and products. Clients would be the prosumer (weekend warriors) or those looking to get started in the industy. Happy to chat if needed. thanks

Marsha Lynn Hudson says:

This was really good!

Federico Ruiz García says:

September 2022 – This video is still VERY relevant. I just started my company, and remembered Sunny had a beautiful Content calendar. Don´t ask me how Sunny, but end up in my email digging for it, found it, and although not live, I manage to get it from your drive! Then I got stuck into your videos again, and they are SO useful. Thanks for existing! I know I´ll end up doing one of your courses, :).

Clowdelion says:

I greatly enjoy when people give genuine advice(feels like a friend) and elaborate as to why that thing is working, as opposed as to just tell you ''DO THIS OR THAT''. The part about sales being just a vessel worked like a balm.
I had a problem with selling a program/product and other ways of monetising besides ad revenue. I wanted people to just watch my stuff and get value out of it and perhaps share it. It's probably a subconcious thing for I do know that all other methods are ok, as I know that my stuff will bring value to people like me, who crave the enjoyment of everyday life and story -telling.
Your videos always give me another point of view and things to think over.
And a big reassurance that IT is ok to be you- won't work otherwise!
I really needed to see this video and wham-here it is:) So, a verry big- THANK YOU!

June Henry says:

So glad I came across this video. Thank you for all the value you crammed into this.


Im thinking of creating a noetic science base noology course to teach people who have a difficult time evaluating info how to discern effectively, ive been doing research and gathering resources but i have no idea where to start, really want you as my mentor

MagickMutha says:

lmaoooooo LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! It is currently 4am and I just giggled SO loudly at "hello sir/maam, would you like to buy my jewelry product"…this is exactly how I describe why I hate sounding salesy lol.

Birth-Pathways says:

Thank you so much Sunny! After even just listening to several of your videos I'm moving forward with my offering. I appreciate you <3

iT! Landscapes says:

h! my editing style is also going to be i'm almost crying with empathy!

Alessandra Isabel Larios says:

Thank you for all of this valuable content! I have a question… Right now I have quite a hard time identifying my ideal client though I do know who I am and what do I have to offer… Any idea on how to start knowing them?

Jaqueline Pereira says:

WHAT A CLASS! I absolutely love this girl! Whenever I watch one of your videos I feel so energized and ready to take action! Thank you Sunny for so much value! This is certainly content worth paying for and you're kindly putting out for free. I'm really grateful ❤️

Barenya Sarkar says:

You look alike Indian sexy actress aishwariya rai

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