NFT Flipping: How I Made $400 Per Day With NFTs As A Side Hustle (Full Guide)

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I’ve been flipping NFTs over the last few weeks and I’ve made an average of $400 per day. In this tutorial I’m going to give you a full guide on how to flip NFTs as a side hustle.
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Before you start flipping NFTs I suggest you just sit back and watch how the market works. Find a few projects that are lunching soon and just watch them. You will see a few patterns what you use to make money with NFTs. I did a video not long ago showing you how to find new NFTs, you can find it below.

For this guide you want to find NFTs that have a reveal coming up. A reveal is then you mint the NFT and the image or video isn’t revealed until a few hours or days after. These NFTs are much easier to flip for a profit. Once you have found one of these projects it’s time to make money.

If you can in on the whitelist mint then you can easily flip these on the open market. Most of the time you wont get on the white list go this is what you need to do. After the presale mint the minters will resist on the open market to offload and you can get these for cheap usually. Basically wait and keep refreshing and you will see the price go down and down, when you think it’s bottomed out pick up your NFT. Then the price usually goes up closer to the reveal. This is one way to make money with NFTs. I talk about more in this tutorial.

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