Next-Gen of Cryptocurrency Mining Farms / Genesis Mining #MiningTheFuture – The Series Episode 3

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Maximum efficiency, maximum capacity – take a look into our new data center, which is ten times larger than our cryptocurrency mining farm in Iceland! Click for more:

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raffy gatal says:

How to invest your company and the minimum amount? Thanks

Aditya Kamal says:

Invested 2500INR only and got 163INR after 2years! Great!

Analog Rewind Threads says:

Dash is still the only contracts you offer? Hopefully December 2019, all those people who bought the hype leave and I can buy a few contracts.

Umang Shah says:

Hey I want to setup mining farm .I have land cheap electricity and investment also .can we collaborate ?

Jeremy Driver says:

Love the transparency, videos are slick, but the contracts just aren’t profitable. Nobody can predict what the next 5 years look like in crypto, but what they are offering just doesn’t compare with buying coins in the general market.

Joey Barrelwilde says:

The cryptocurrency market is still young, and developing. It is exciting to see all this technology in place. 3% discount code- lbLK8h

BlockChainDP says:

Wow looks amazing guys, great job!

jimbo 81 says:

Large scale solar farms baby

Shehryar Hameed says:

Whats the difference b/w current mining and previous mining??
Payout of 1TH same r this mining contract are more profitable or same like previous one??

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