Nano Technologies Investments Review and Deposit ( Nano

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Hey guys

I will not longer be posting my referral links to any HYIP/ HYIP type of programs or opportunities.

If you decide to go into any HYIP they are very risky. Never deposit money you can not afford to lose.

HYIPs are not regulated by any financial or government institutions. This clearly means the admin(s) of any HYIP can stop paying, take your money and leave at any given time.

Free Bitcoin

If you don’t have a Bitcoin account use my link below and if you invest $100 or more we both get $10. Also there currently no fees to withdraw or transfer Bitcoins.

The company was started in 2011 when a group of scientists and entrepreneurs of 11 got together. The website is called and it boast that it has been online for 430 + days and still going.

During investing you can choose such useful functions as “saving” (reinvesting or “compounding”). It allows to make more since your profits is immediately put into work, and you can receive profits from it already on the next day. This option is available in the groups of plans “Basic” and “Plus”.

It took 20-30 minutes for my deposit to show in my back office.

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Ana 42 says:

Hey Everyone, just to let you know that i've invested on Plan 222% (after 15 calendar days) on 29 Apr & had earn my profits on 14th May. I reinvest parts of it & withdraw the rest ($200)… Hope my information helps to assure you that the system pays. (Do note that this is my first investment in Nano-11)

christian bola says:

nice video 🙂 try this one too

Ryan Mayers says:

Did any here invest in the 90 day plan before March and can you send me payment proof?

dobidop says:

hello mosquito, I have invested $250 USD for 60 day period to get 76K payment as the site promised. I am trying and I will see if they give me their promised amount and I will write here. I have 54 days remaining so it means my period is shorter than you. I will claim if they give this amount at the end of contract. I will update here as possible as each day.

Jann Lechelle says:

I will be investing in the ridiculous Nano Plus plan for 90 days once I have the available funds to waste! Lol

Jann Lechelle says:

Hi there, thanks for testing this out for me, I was thinking of investing in the same plan as you but the profits looked ridiculous, esp in the Nano Plus plans! 90 days is such a long time..

Stephen DK says:

Hi, I just want to know what is compounding? how does it effect in earning? thanks – Bit DK

esc-LaVida says:

Hey any updates on this?

DieSchmiddi says:

Further more critical thoughts on this platform (because the offer is too good to be true)Days online: shows a start at the end of february 2016. looks good. Great momentum, but i'm not convinced. No videos, experience on youtube. Only testimonials that lok like fakes. Well, maybe this is a chance. Maybe you are one of the first true testimonials and you laugh at the end when you really get the money. Good luck!

DieSchmiddi says:

Hi, thanks for your video. I think your comparison to amazing 5 was not right. Amazing 5 gives you 31 days 5% back. That means 155% after 31 business days, and that means only 55% profit if you dont reinvest your daily 5 % profits. Nano profits gives you 1.5/1.75/3.00/4% on top of your deposit. Lets make the example nano basic 3: 200$ 3% daily 43 buisness days. No reinvestment possible.You get 458$ back = 229% profit =258$ .If you spent 200$ in amazing 5 without reinvestment you get 31 businessdays 10$ = 310$ = 55% profit =110$
I'm very insecure, making a deposit in nano11, the calculator on the frontpage (without sign in) is different to what you've shown in your account in this video. Thats a bit strange.The nano plus offer is unbelievable. 150$ invest, 9% daily, 90 calendar days, 100% reinvest (nothing else possible) gives you over 350.000$ alfter 3 months. This cant work. I think i 'd better throw the money out of the window. Hope you get your money at least back. Hopefully, See you in an other video. Greets from germany

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