MyAdvertisingPays How Does it Work

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MyAdvertisingPays How Does it Work

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MyAdvertisingPays How Does it Work is a fifteen minute presentation video with power point slides discussing the details of how MyAdvertisingPays “MAPS” for short works. In summery, MAPS is a traffic exchange similar to Clixsence or Neobux that pays affiliates as members to view websites. Members receive advertising credits to receive traffic to their business with the purchase of credit packs. MAPS started in December 2013 and has grown to nearly 150,000 users at the time of this video. After running advertisements and being paid in MAPS for 7 months now, I can honestly say the traffic is highly targeted and very effective. I have converted many sales from the traffic that I have been paid to receive. Like any ad, you must know how to write good ad copy in order to reap conversions. Should you need assistance with this, I will be glad to help at no cost. BONUS:
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0:05 Warning Making Money in My Advertising Pays is Highly Addictive
0:30 Income disclaimer
0:50 What is My Advertising Pays MAPS for Short
1:20 CEO and Founder Mike Deese
2:20 True statement – you and I actually built the internet
3:02 Invention of WIFI caused huge boost in online advertising
3:25 Advertising Products
4:30 Examples of some of the Income (disclaimer results not typical)
5:55 Payments through Solid Trust Pay, VX Gateway (link to PayPal)
6:45 Easy as 1,2,3 – Sign up, View Ads Get Paid
7:45 Referral Program Details
8:35 Personal Development and Success Library
9:25 30 day free membership details
10:30 Examples of earnings (disclaimer results not typical)
11:28 #1 Internet Marketer
12:00 Power of Compounding
13:35 Take action Now
14:09 Join Facebook Group
14:11 Listen to the MAPS Millionaires Mentoring Call Sunday 1pm EST at (605)781-0005 641914#
14:27 When can I withdraw? Monday – Friday during banking hours


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