MyAdvertisingPays 200 Credit Packs

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MyAdvertisingPays 200 Credit Packs

Is traffic what made google and facebook the number 1 and 2 sites in the world today? Isnt traffic the most sought after resource on the internet today? If a business paid you to have real buyers look at your products and services, wouldn’t it make the number one direct sales company in the world today? It has happened. Check the link to my tweet when MyAdvertisingPays reached the most loved direct sales company in the world, voted by the people.

Hats of to Mike Deese for creating the platform. It was 1 year ago October 9th, 2014 that I bought 10 credit packs. Now 1 year later I am up to 200 credit packs (results not typical, but very reachable). Many copy cat programs have popped up seeing how successful MyAdvertisingPays has become. I only think long term, generational wealth. I assure you that MAP is tomorrows advertising today and because of the people, the integrity, the carefully thought out mathematics and highest quality traffic MyAdvertisingPays will be around for many years to come.

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