MyAdStory Is MAS Failing? Update with Matt My Ad Story

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Akshay Thengne says:

hi,the earning is very slow like 2 $ par day from yesterday is the company in loss or what?

Akshay Thengne says:

hey i requested a withdrawl this afternoon and its status is pending ipn what is ipn?

Tony Monk says:

Sound exciting Matt thanks

Akshay Thengne says:

Hey,what do u think about fortadpays?

Akshay Thengne says:

thank u.!I'll disturb u again plz don't mind.

Akshay Thengne says:

i'm very sorry for disturbing u again.I wanted to ask u that according to the promotion plan we can buy $10 pack 40 and $25 pack 50 but its only showing $10 pack avaliable and not showing the $25 one.?can u help me with that.?

Akshay Thengne says:

it's been offline all day do u have any idea when will it be online again? good day.

Geoffrey Blundell says:

Great vid Matt ive got 100 percent confidence in MAS

Akshay Thengne says:

hey, i deposited all my funds from coinpayments so all my earning is in there can i withdraw it using payza?when my money is in coinpayments?

Matt Webster says:

What has been going on with MyAdStory? Is MAS failing? It looks like that because of the last couple of days, but make sure you watch this and see what is going on.

MyAdStory Is MAS Failing? Update with Matt Webster My Ad Story

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