**Scam Alert My 24 Hour Income Scam Live Stream part 2

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My 24 Hour Income Scam Live Stream part 2

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Pedro E Alcantara says:

when is it going to lunch?

Make Money says:

the referral commission comes from the members that sign up thru the .com which is referral commission that the admin supposed to pocket but hes splitting between the members dude ur not smart at all becouse u dont even understand how rev shares work

Stefan Pavlovic says:

Ok Cory , I will try to explain if you don't get the whole point. First of all site didn't even launched , there will be probably over 20.000 people just for the launch , next year easily over 100.000+ then I expect hundreds of thousands later on. Point is that every single member who gets those packs will earn daily from it. (so it's not waste of money , but actually you will benefit from it on long term because program will not take your $5 and just give you those advertising credits , but it will also give you earnings and that's why tons of people will come here to advertise and earn in the same time , simple because company is sharing the money that they generate from all those advertising sales from all the packages and other ads) For example If I buy 100 x $5 packages , I will earn daily until those packages gives me total of 110% in return (10% profit that is $50 profit from those 100 packages in few months) So actually I am getting advertising credits + my packages are earning daily + I can get 12% commissions for every single package that my referral buys. People are building their email lists here and promoting other similar programs in revshares, because all this active members are people who are interested in making money online , so you actually are making profit on your packs while building a list. That's the point of Revenue Sharing program and it's true that only few are worthy and over 90% of there are just using this kind of platforms to scam people , but people learned to recognize quality revshare that is going to be long term project , for example trafficmonsoon that launched less than 2 years ago , now got few millions registered people , so yeah revshare can work with good administration on long term and it gives opportunity to people to earn on their packs. About Alexa Rank , I expect that this site goes into top 5000 easily in only few months. Hope it's clear now how this is going to work. Everyone gets value (promoters and non-promoters) that is why it's so easy to sell and it will keep getting hundreds of members daily because it's not only advertising platform but it's also income opportunity for everyone with active packages… You can call it Ponzi or whatever but members will get value from click, members will get daily earnings from the revenue that site is generating daily , site will keep growing like crazy and you can see it happening in the near future ;)

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