My two week review on FutureNet – pays free users Bitcoin every 15 minuetes! Ryan Conley Scam

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Raw Power says:

i didn;t understand anything… where do they get bitcoin from and how do u earn it other then daily 10 cents for free?

mo RF0025 says:

fill your details to receive ur 10$ welcome
FutureNet the fastes growing SocialNetwork

Cashmoney65 says:

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David Mancini says:

None of my friends are there

Jimcaale Cabdi Cilmi says:

lol. no offense but are you a retired military or soldier.

buy an ad pack now!.

any ways great video. thanks

Dophler says:

Tony Stark lookalike.

Dophler says:

How can you earn Bitcoin from using Futurenet?

Holger Kirchhof says:

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it is ALL about LOVE!!! LIGHT!!! SPIRIT !! UNITY!!!

VERY FIRST LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! money has to follow the rules of LOVE!!! PERIOD!!

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