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Vickks Victor says:

Listen buddy next time you are making a video about how to use a website just like you are doing in this video you should not deviate just like you were deviating to facebook and talking about a bonch of people who chat you and all other that bullsit stay with the tutorial most peoiple dont have that time stick to what you are teaching people

PontBay. OA says:

great value bro.

Wesllaquesia Wesque says:

se for fazer uma fezinha lembra do meu link

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Bitcoin Informer says:

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EIN BAUM says:

Thanks Sean for your insight. I will test the rest of this month: "not to add my link(s) on my SNS posts", and see what kind of responses that I will get from people. Cheers!

Colin Brazendale says:

Great video and training Sean. I find it interesting how you market on FB. I also find interested that you also find that Bitcoin mining returns are not as good ad Revshares, I agree. Thank you for sharing your info.

kevin dahlr says:

how much to start ?

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