My Paying Ads Relaunch Getting Started

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Close My Paying Ads Relaunch happened March 17,2016 and in this video I wanted to show you how to get started right away and set up correctly. There is a different process in purchasing advertising packs and hopefully this video will help you.
“My Paying Ads” was one of the biggest rev shares of 2015 before they were hit with the “Paypal Freeze” in late December.
To join my Team, go to
I will give you access to my Team Site as well as a share code for a complete funnel to use for advertising.
Call me at 602-539-4858 with any questions.


joao martins says:

what about my old balance and packs ?from the old mypayingads 130 packs and my money

Leonard Benn says:

when you buy ad packs for your banner ads ,do them ads be in the 10 ads other member others click ? if not how do we get or ads to be in the 10 that others view ? thank you .

daniel Nurden says:

hey stuart how much does each pack earn a day through diffrent levels ?



Steven James says:

For those people who consistently ask about "What about my old balance?"..On numerous occasions members have been advised to read the files and the updates. This is a serious business – act accordingly!

liamlon1203 says:

what about my old balances

‫عبدالعزيز الدالوي‬‎ says:

what about my old balances

Robert Nelson says:

what about my old balance and packs ?

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