My Paying Ads / My Paying Crypto Ads – Changes!

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My Paying Crypto Ads:
• Step by step signup guide
• Sign up now at
• Get the calculator at

My Paying Ads:
Get your calculator at (make sure your sponsor is 78560 – LoganPassive)

My Paying Ads is a well known slow and steady revenue sharing website. They now have a new crypto-currency based revshare called My Paying Crypto Ads. This is a bitcoin only addition to their already successful revenue share.

Results Not Typical – This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.


Moncef Salem says:

hello Logan, is there a new MPA calculator after the changes?

Palash Gupta says:

nice explanation!!

Marqueta Robinson says:

Hi Logan I just wanted to ask .How many ad packs does a member need to know what amount  they are able to withdrawl and or put back in the website  Thanks

Vineet Panhotra says:

Hi Logan, before this 2X rule i had total purchase amount at 1.26 btc where as the withdrawn funds were only 0.16 btc. This was much less than the 2X rule. Then i thought of withdrawing more like 0.03 btc but i noticed that my earnings became very slow . Which led me to assume that New Adpack purchase amount was 0. Since i didnt add anything in it probably it crossed the 2X limit. Does this mean that we have to start afresh now by adding amount in New Adpack and then ensure that the withdrawal does not cross 2X?

BabySh0ckeR Kang says:

thanks man you rock

Fredrick Thompson says:

nice review

Marqueta Robinson says:

Hi Logan I just wanted to ask about how long it will be before members can surf again . when will the site allow surfing ads. and repurchasing ad packs Thanks

don calis says:

nice explanations Logan. and cool video too

John English says:

Thanks for the great video Logan


thanks logan

Janet Johnston says:

If you withdrawal and put back in money 4x during the week and have to pay 2% fees on each transaction (which will be 8 transactions total per week) it's going to cost you $32 dollars for the transactions; so instead of getting $400 per week, you're only ending up with $368…right?

Over the course of a year of 4x weekly withdrawals with the 2% fee (on each side of all these transactions) would amount to $1664.

Martin Zwigl says:

I have never withdrawn up to now. Are they on pause now?
Or are the still on pause due to working on the site?

Robin Kok says:

Hey Logan, nice video. Do you think MPCA will maintain for the next year?

Abrar Shahriar says:

Thank you sir for your video. All of my doubts cleared now. ☺

Julie Kenk says:

Thank you Logan – you rock – very easy to understand – I wouldn't be able to explained it in a better way – you just nail it!

Felix Reali says:

$50/day is an immense amount of money. I so wish I was at that level already :-)))) MPA is a great program

Felix Reali says:

Hi Logan, great video. I have been a massive fan of MPA from the start. Losing PayPal was a massive blow. But I see the program is still going strong. I very much agree with what you're saying here. It's important to keep the program going for the long run. So these changes are great to keep the program sustainable. Good work.

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