My Paying Ads Member Site Tour Presentation 18th March 2016 with Keithy Broome

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My Paying Ads Member Site Tour Presentation 18th March 2016

Welcome members to our brand new website and also people wishing to find out about this great, awesome, sustainable business.

My video goes through the back office after we opened to a massive rush, yesterday 17th March 2017.
Day one of our continuing journey to help thousands become successful online marketers.

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Neil Cope says:

Keithy. I wish there were better stronger words than, Thank You. Your presentation is absolutely fantastic and truly the equal of any presentation ever done. You emphasise the need to be professional not to sound negative so I am a bit embarrassed having to show my ignorance. I am I assure you professional as is demonstrated by the contents of my site, do have a problem which I suspect cannot be overcome. Circumstances are such that recently my older computer gave up the ghost and I am simply not able to purchase a replacement. I am using this simple IPad on which I unfortunately not able, (or do not know how), to copy and paste links as is required to create the banner ad. Worse is I don't think I can save the above excellent presentation to refer to for learning.If you have any answers to my problems I would appreciate more than I can conveyNeil Cope.

Shelz NZ says:

Oh my gosh, I just love your style Keithy – Love your style and energy. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Fantastic, Absolutely Love it!

Leonard Benn says:


myearthvideoz says:

Keith great video I really like this program I found a free marketing system if you need one EndTheBS. com

Luka ElleErre says:

Great video Keith, can you tell me which streaming program you used to make this video?

Love Your Quotes says:

Excellent video on mypayingadds keep doing them.

Vod Vandorin says:

This was a really good tutorial

Vod Vandorin says:

I like it thanks for your help

Jan W. says:

Keith, thanks for the insight and refocusing back on the important things in the biz!

rob fraser says:

You tell them Keithy !!!

Gobi Shangar says:

my paying ads calculator says:

Hi Keith, Thank you for this video. Very informational. I did just learn some things here. So, we don't see our seed money from PayPal as of now, however, we will be seeing it in our back office coming soon?

Rosemary Clarke says:

Love this chap. Honest and straightforward.

Khaled Tahkou says:

Hello Dear;
why every things in my account is 000000$ ?
did they give us back our money ?

ampuria12 says:

Forgot to mention this:

I have made deposit via payza to purchase Adpacks on the old site (40 Adpacks)….and I do not see these Adpacks in my new back office and nor the money I deposited via Payza!

I think you now understand my so many question marks and exclamation marks!

ampuria12 says:

Hi Keith,

thanks for the update. I wonder and nowhere find the answer to the following question:

Where are all the AdPacks Members have purchased initially via Payza and other than Paypal?

I see that even you just purchased 1 new adpack, which seems that your initially purchased AdPacks have not been added to your new back office!

So, what was the use of the message on the old site, asking to send email with deposit amount (if payza and others),
if that is not added to the new back office!!???!!!

Is all the money deposited before, even through payza gone now???????!!!!!!

Appreciate your quick reply.


Oomeysh kz says:

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