My Paying Ads – How Much Can I Make

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Close In this video I break it down and share how much you can earn with “My Paying Ads”. How much do you want to earn? Join My Paying Ads today and share in the revenue of the company.
Join my team and I will share with you all my marketing materials that will help you refer others if you want to. Referring is not necessary but will help you earn even more money.
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Zakaryia saffour says:

الموقع نصاب كان مغلق من شهرين و انا استثمرت و طارت الاموال فلا تضيعوا اوقاتكم

Andrew Kabenla Asiebuah says:

Please can l get the spreadsheet?

cedric clarke says:

If I start with like $100 how much profit will I make in a month let's say 30 days?

Tom Campbell says:

Sounds a lot like Banners Broker and Zeek. How is it different, or should I say, how can we trust it will be around in the future and is legal?

Yogender Singh says:

Hi Stuart great video. I have a question. I m a student n don't have thousands of dollars to invest. Can I start with an investment of $100 n purchasing 100 ad packs of level 1. If yes, how much time will it take to make profit and how much profit will it be making??

Roxanne Leach says:

hey stuart does mpa still offers a $100 bonus for the sponsor and the referral if they purchase a certain amount of shares

ugo13a says:

If I may ask .. wanted to start with $ 500 and if i leave it there for 6 month while compounding can I start earning passive income within after six months

Life Of Live says:

nice presentation bro, well done. I have a question,"what if i want to close my account, will i get back total investment"?? cheers

steven daniels says:

hey stuart if i came in at $4000 and max all levels at 200 how long will it take to reach level 10

Tariq Khan says:

Lolz 70 % of the amount go for re- purchase balance Which is not withdraw able , whats the profit in that , you got only 30 % of what you have invested.
For example, if i invested $ 100 that matures at 150% of which you daily income is $5, 70 % of $ 5 is $1.5 which added daily to your cash balance which is available for cashout. That means only $ 45 is available for cashout for the whole month and other big amount that is 70% go for re-purchase balance. You have to wait 2-3 months to get profit for your Initial deposit. There is no profit in that at all.

Mountain Thrive says:

Very impressed that you have over 3000 views. You must be doing something right!

ita lechanti says:

hi.if i register from your link . will you buy to me 5 shares wich cost 5 dollars.after my register of course

Jalil HJ says:

Stuart,thanks excellent explanation

Nuxhead says:

So how is this different from My Advertising Pays?

Steven James says:

Stuart, thanks for posting this was very informative…

Hamidur Rahman says:

The speaker has explained everything  in a easy way. very exciting bussiness.

Dhong Xiong says:

this is too good to be true. how can I believe it?

Durant Richardson says:

Great stuff bro. Nice explanation of the ad share matrix!

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