My Paying Ads 2017|What’s up with my paying ads? Is MPA going down?

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In this video I give an update on what’s happening with My Paying Ads 2017. Right now, some big news is coming out. They are changing the withdraw limit to a variable limit. This is ensure people in My Paying Ads will be paid out quickly in no more than 24 hours. I also give my thoughts on the state of My Paying Ads.

I really hope you enjoy my My Paying Ads update and review!

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Thomas Syxe says:

So are any of those revshare websites legitimate and made to last ? or it's all junk pyramid scheme that's gonna crash any moment ?!

Oindrila Pal says:

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Falconoffury says:

I have seen this kind of racket before. It was called Studio Traffic. Sorry, dude. This program is not going to last.

rino ingenito says:

Game over guys.

Kalyankar Prashanth says:
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yohannsphotography videography says:

Ponzi scheme

antrax tv says:

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Make Money Online With AdEEL says:

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Walter Battles says:

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Caxy111 says:

MPA and MPCA ended up collapsing and so did mpca they took money from new
referrals paid themselves and promised to pay everyone back in 2018. I
have personally been doing this and get paid daily to my wallet. At
least my money is in my control.

The video below is from a real person that made money from this. I am getting paid daily into my wallet. I am in control of my money.

kapztheking says:

What benefit is the price of bitcoin if you cannot withdraw?? What happens if the company says "well we can't sustain this" and everyone loses there money and the same guys startup the same sort of thing with a new name and new face of the company??

Nkanyiso Ngwenya says:

With the price of bitcoin skyrocketing to new all time highs every other week, the majority has been understandably withdrawing their funds. With more funds being withdrawn in a day than MPA can make/earn. The fact that they halted withdrawal of funds so they could be carried out in a more sustainable manner is proof that the company is THINKING LONG TERM. That added with the NEW ADPACK PLANS and BOOSTER PACKS is proof that it will be here for a few more years to come. BITCOIN is only gonna get stronger after all and the people that withdrew will rush back to buy more adpacks (at higher bitcoin prices). PS. The company is also planning to add other cryptocurrencies fueled by their MARKET INCREASE like it did bitcoin. BITCOIN by the way has more than DOUBLED since then, it will quadruple before this company goes down. – MY BITCOIN'S WORTH

John Peters says:

MPA and MPCA are clearly ad credit ponzi schemes..I have close to $4k of seed money stuck in there…Made the worst decision of my life joining…Withdrawals are disabled……

Chidozie E says:

Pls diversify before its too late.
You can Register for Free via
Future ADPRO:
Future net is more sustainable
Future net is based on longivity, I withdraw money always …no withdrawal limit-500USD Daily if you max it out. 1% daily ROI means more longevity ( not greed here of high unrealistic yield) and they have loads of businesses that support them

Dean Hernandez says:

These Two Sites Look Like They Are Going Down. Be Careful. Just My Opinion.

Steven Lambert says:

We have been through
worse times than these. This is the last payment plan I'm in now, and the only
one which has bounced back. All the others have gone down. Even though the same
people have been born again in new programmes. Uday is the only guy with the
guts to carry on and face up to people. 
Although I don't actively recruit, I still advertise on Easyhits 4U and
traffic adbar. I have every faith he'll make it.

Alpha Music NCS says:

Hey, great stuff!

Durant Richardson says:

Hope you guys enjoy this update video!

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