My Passive Trades – LAUNCH (Tutorial how to deposit money, buy adpack…)

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Find out how you can deposit money in your account, buy adpacks….

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This system has been built with Sustainability in Mind. With Earnings up to 1.25% Daily & Passive trade packs maturing at 125% At last you can have that passive income stream that’ll continue to grow and actually gain in more strength and more stability the longer it goes on. Yeah I know that is crazy in today’s industry of over paying HYIPs but this is the real deal. Our Amazing trading team who are not only transparent in themselves but even in they’re trading, Have a proven track record of far more per Monthly Average then the requirement. My Passive trades has been built to last and last it will. You also benefit from onsite advertising that you receive in your packages meaning that you will not only make an ongoing and possible ever growing passive income, but that you can actually advertise any other business or Offer you may have, making more sales and more profit! Win Win



Valentijn van Horn says:

Please explain how to use existing bitcoin balance to withdraw? How to exchange to eureka?

mauricio valencia says:

hello how are you I greet you from Colombia thank you very much for allowing us to dream of a better tomorrow, I have a problem with the account and forget the answer to the security question that can be fixed

Francesco says:

hello can you give me the link of the video that explains how to insert advertisements thanks

TITA 4X4 says:

hello, the page never responds to me the message that I send to support, and sent me a deposit to advertising balance today I try to use that balance to not lose my money and after filling my data does not let me continue .. what is the seriousness of this page .

G Mustafa says:

hello can you help me about trading how to earn money from here


My passive trade greate family. You can follow my small tour in my account.

A1PK Gaming says:

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masri tiro says:

Can I download The tutorial Video at MPT site, after tahat I edit and upload to you tube this video to promote My MPT please..?

Jennifer Durham says:

bought ad packs yesterday when do we see earnings is it only 5 days a week or 7 days

Leonard Benn says:

can you do me a short video on compounding 10k until taking out initial 10k investment , thank you .

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