My Passive Trades Eureka Withdrawal Traded for Bitcoin

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Farman Ullah khan wazir- says:

great video you make

john d says:

can u transfer your erk coin from mpt in to probit??

Raju Tolani says:

Hi sean would like to know if u have directly withdrawn to probit wallet (erk)

Tyler Whalen says:

helpful video thanks, I noticed you're using Probit which I don't have. Is there a reason to use this exchange over EurekaX? Just curious so I know which one to use, thanks!

john d says:

probit do u need to do kyc?

369 says:

Something is fishy. They said we get paid weekly. How did you get paid when noone else has? WTF? Man I'm sick and tired of being robbed by people on the internet. Only youtubers are getting paid by my passive trades??? People are ready to explode all over the world due to virus and all these other platforms exit scamming us. They've got some explaining to do. Humankind doesn't need any more negative crap piled on top of us!

Mendosa Si says:

how did you get it ? did you get bounes ? they should pay us weekly as i know ??? creepy

tuan nguyen says:

Hi. I was converted same time as everyone else. I check mpt every day and see no eureka coins as of March 24. How did you get profit for withdraw already.

Bilal Manj says:

because they not verified me

Bilal Manj says:

can i use probit without verified myself?

Boo_BTC says:

Hi – When did you get ERK paid to you in the MPT? I thought ERK was to be paid in a % after 7 days but its not been 7 days since this change was introduced. Cheers

Scott Biladeau says:

Ty Sean so much showing how this is done with the Eureka coin.

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