My Passive Trades CEO Interview

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IamRD Custodio says:

Sean Logan Here's my dm to MPT Support,

I received announcement from website itself today (15 March) that Corona Virus has affected MPT trading so you are not Professional Trader because you are losing. The Trading of Forex and Cryptocurrency in XM (Forex) and Binance (Crypto) are not affected because I myself is Professional Trader and still trading in Binance and XM and operation are still running and okey until now and I am still winning. I don't want to urgue with you and your founder my goal right now is to withdraw my capital and my interest.

When can we received because Tomorrow in the youtube channel of MPT i will ask a very tough question there How and Why You Trade in Crypto and Forex are Affected why you use Corona Covid19 as your escape goat to scam us where in fact i am still trading and profited in Forex and Crypto right now. I knew that Crypto Break out to low $3,782 but it bounch back to $5,600 and I profited and right now settle at $5,300 but it still in downtrend position but i am still profiting so what is this all about because of Corona Covid19? Follow me in CryptoPinoy Free Copy Trading for Bitcoin at FB.

I hope your founder can answer well. Because if that is his statement that he is losing therefore he and his team are not Professional Trader just like me.

I hope you return all my capital and profits in as fastest time as possible.

(Note: Don't scammed us and don't use the covid19 as excuse of your evil plan to scam us)

Thank you.

Rolly Custodio

TIMOY Po Si Ako says:

Hi guys. May i know how months our capital will be locked up?

Lucas Maciek says:

Still trying to find these reports.. any link?

Curtis Bamford says:

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helen kennedy says:

Great video. .I'm from Africa ..please send me the link to join ..

Scott Schechtel says:

This MyPassiveTrades is the new definition of transparency. Thanks for posting!

john d says:

do we need to tell the tax man for this passive imcome?

moazam azam says:

Looks like an MLM to me

moazam azam says:

8% of what?

Kieron Smithson says:

Traffic monsoon 2.0

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