My MOST NATURAL nano aquarium after 11 months – 17L / LOW TECH

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I’ve started this little aquarium 11 months ago. I was planning to grow the plants out of the surface. In the first 3 months I used CO2 but I stopped to to after then. I was a bit lazy with this tank so the emersed section grew huge and formed a shady area where the plants died out. Only a few low demand ones survived. The aquarium became so natural this way, the fish love the shady places. Yes, it’s maybe not that gorgeous for our eyes like it used to be with the healthy plants but it’s just so natural for the fish, looks like their organic habitat. We can say I don’t really need to care about this tank, I just fill up the vaporized water and change a bit in every 2-3 weeks. I use my own fertilizer in weekly dosage. I’m so in love with it, really a piece of nature.

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Tech specs:
-Green Aqua opti glass 45x24x16 17 litre
-ONF Flat Nano LED 1300lm / buy:
-Ista Hang on filter with Substrat pro
-ADA deco gravel s
-ADA la plata sand
-Red moor wood
Plant list:
-lot of mosses
-Blyxa japonica
-Hygrophila Pinnatifida
-Rotala Indica ‘bonsai’
-Rotala vietnam H’ra
-Ludwigia repens


Gear I use:
Canon 1DX MK II Canon and Sigma lenses
DJI Ronin M
Edited and graded in Final Cut X

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Yo Mama says:

You are an artist at this–it's just beautiful! Do they last a long time? Do they need a lot of maintenance?

Darshan S says:

What is the tank dimension? Cool Aqua Scape.

Arkadiusz Rosłaniec says:

You call it natural – I would call it overgrown %)

Aquariums With Ty says:

Probably my favorite of yours

ipkb says:

How did you do the emersed part? The plants are originally planted in the substrate or you have a raised part to plant it out of the water?

Thuc toan Nguyen says:

is there some boraras brittage ?

Tanzin Siam says:

loved that scene when the sun light is hitting the pebbles and roots from the side

Chris Eftychiou says:

how does this video not have a million views. the quality is amazing

art says:

Sick little tank

Hunter Hart says:

I could literally watch your videos for hours

Aqua Garden says:

Different feelings about this…

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