My mom rates my Boohoo outfits & bikinis to distract us from reality 🙃

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My mom rates my outfits and bikinis from Boohoo! I love doing clothing and swimsuit try on hauls for you guys. I hope you enjoy this one.
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white cropped hoodie Size 6:
yellow tennis dress Size 8:
white long sleeve blouse Size 6:
black pants Size 6:
snake skin crop top Size 8:
polka dot bikini Size 8:
strapless back and green bikini Size 8:
white romper Size 8:
white off the shoulder crop top Size 6:
grey 2 piece set:
things I got but forgot to show:
white long sleeve basic crop top Size 8:
detailed crop top Size 6:
matching bottoms Size 8:
@boohoo #myBOOHOOstyle @MagicLinks
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Brenna Darby says:

This makes me feel so much better about when I buy boohoo things and they are just not it. Clearly it’s not just me. Don’t get me wrong some of these things are super cute but I feel like lots of these things are really ill fitting on you.

Laken P says:

you’re so pretty but you get on my nerves

Ashi Tyagi says:

I feel she is a narcissist

Liberty De Leon says:

I think if your hips were a little wider the bikini bottoms would look cute higher but because you’re less curvy, the bottoms look good less pulled up.

Leandro Aude says:

You make the quarantine worth it!

Ruby Bobkowski says:

LOL mom: What are you gonna do about your bra? Alana: I’m wearing a bra

Mel Mar says:

Her body is such goals. I was about to eat chips. Lol nope. Not anymore.

Mohammad Azeem says:

this is the only channel where thumbnail is not a clickbait

PsiWin FN says:

5:18 Nip Slip

Megan Brignoli says:

hey! I thought you could maybe pair the yellow dress with a fanny pack?

Treasure Forever says:

the black pants outfit and last bikini are cute tbh everything else is a no… the pj set was cute but wrong size, but how many pjs do we need. sending good vibes to ur quarantine enjoy your nice big yard 🙂

Sillygators says:

This girl is so fake! FAKE! FAKE! but she's so fake its kinda entertaining lol

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