My first 2 months Bitcoin mining experience with BitClub Network – by Ryan Conley

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BitClub Network is the world’s largest crowd funded mining pool for the people! It can be verified on Blockchain. Note that in this example, I began with the $599 mining pool and my earnings on top of what you see were applied to my upgrade to a founder position in all 3 mining pools. I didn’t upgrade until 30 days to the top mining pool that is why the mining earning appear less that they would be if I had come in initially as a founder at the $3599.

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You can contact Ryan Conley at 206.396.9778 Skype: ryan.conley206


Tobias Karl says:

When I go to from Germany then I can read
"BitClub Network is Not Available in the United States" .
Ok USA won the war but Germany is not US territory :-)

Earn Bitcoin says:

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thccorp says:

This is what I got when trying to sign up.. "We do not accept registration from US citizens". If you are U.S. dont waste your time.

nobuss says:

tried to sign up but said i cant because i am an american? whats up with that?

Bitclub Network says:

The bitcoin idea is really good. All the other crypto-currencies idea is also very good. What is TERRIBLE is this: Bitclubnetwork trying to get you to give them your money, so they will benefit leaps & bounds while they return a tiny portion of the money that you give them in the first place, little bit by little bit. That's the reality. How they claim they do it is really immaterial. They could be mining. Or maybe, they just take your money & rotate it. Yes, I see the evidence that they are mining…. but you don't need to join bitclubnetwork to make big returns from bitcoin. Just buy bitcoins, wait for a while & see its value rises, & you make big returns. Let's do a calculation: at USD280 per BTC, USD3500 will give 12.5 BTC. Today, 1BTC = USD 585. So, your 12.5 BTC = 7312. Again of USD 3812 (109%).

This Video was published on 10 Oct 2015. This is about 210 days ago. This guy would have gotten less than 3 BTC back from this so-called mining activity. Say, he got about 0.01 BTC per day as he showed on his video, he would have 2.1 BTC = USD1250. A STAGGERING USD6000 less than if you would have bought & keep the BTC yourself!!!


J Coetzee says:

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ras gr3a says:

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