My Everyday Makeup & Skin Care Routine *for wen I actually leave the house*

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Last skincare video:
No makeup for one month video:
How long filler actually lasts SCARY:
Which diamond won, real or fake?

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Diy lip plumper vid:
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Ali Almutawa says:

Am not interested what u said
But you are so beautiful

Jasmine Ghazanfari says:

She's like a YouTube mom:)

Blue Sturkey says:

This video comes off really nasty. Girls you’re not wrong for feeling insecure when it’s been justified in the past healing is a process and it takes time u got this!

megucis lol says:

if u use waterproof mascara… that will change your life, trust me. i have horse eyelashes too 😀

Nubia Sista says:

You are super funny and likable and I enjoy watching your videos, especially on skin care.

andrew parker says:

I love your videos. You have been an inspiration to me. I totally understand you are busy and I know you are trying your very hardest. I was able to come clean about the cyber bullying where they told me all those horrible things about me and how the world wou, d be better if I died during my surgery. You can imagine how scared I was but my friend from school said I made an impact in her life. Alana I never thought anyone would tell me something hat amazin. His is why I fought the chronic back pain and tried to do speedruns at video games and now it effected how I am lanning my upcoming videos. I will be telling my testimony in hope that if anykne is going through the things I went through they can have this happen too because when I post it you will be amazed. Alana your videos made me feel better whenni was really hurting from losing 2 dogs

Ashley Lugardo says:

Dude me too 🙂 I’m just an old soul.

Sarika B. says:

I have a similar issue with my lashes, so I started heating my eyelash curler under warm water so it would work a little better. It a pinch give it a try. (btw your make up looks so nice! I have a hard time making it look natural so thanks ^_^ )

Cassandra Galvan says:

How do you cleanse your face to take off makeup?

andrew parker says:

I love your visoes and you always make me smile I think you should do a anti bullying video like explain the cause and effects of bullying. I was bullied all my life because I have a colostomy and the fact that what we do may effect what others are doing in their lives. Alana I love the fact you are honest and I have been bullied about my colostomy I was afraid to go to school because they would mock my colostomy and I was so embarrassed and scared I hated school. I had my lower gi tract removed and I'm willing to risk my life to get rid of my colostomy and my doctor said I'm gking to be stuck with a colostomy. I'm embarrassed about it.

Spencer Ferguson says:

i know what she is talking about with people taking pics in front of her old house, we just moved and our house is really old and people just drive by really slow to look, and take pics, and people even ask to come in and see it its weird

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