My Advertising Pays V VX Gateway

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Mike Deese Leaders meeting in January 2016 which details his relationship with V X Gateway.


Tara Talks says:

On December 1st 2016, My Advertising Pays started Court proceedings against VX Gateway alleging the theft of $60 million.

(January 15th 2016 – The above Leaders video stating the relationship between My Advertising Pays and VX Gateway)

Timeline According to The Court Documents:

February 2016 – MAP withdrew from the US market.
February (15th) 2016 – MAPS say members had difficulty withdrawing from VX Gateway.
April 5th 2016 – MAP V2 was launched.
April 13th 2016 – Tony Booth told Celia Dunlop that they had no funds to pay MAP monthly expenses.
May 6th 2016 – VX withdrew $4 million from MAPS VX Loop account.
May 13th – 2016 VX repaid $600,000 back to MAP.
June 8th – My Advertising Pays looks for another payment processor.
August 4th – Mike tells Celia that she is improperly holding USD funds and had not remitted funds totalling e16,500,000 since April 2016.

August 31st – Tony Booth emailed Celia again to ask where the USD funds were.
On September 7th 2016, MAP counsel asked VX Gateway why the funds had been withheld.

September 20th – MAP find a discrepancy in sales between GPN data and VX Gateway totalling almost E57,000,000.

December 1st 2016 – A lawsuit is filed.

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