My Advertising Pays Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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The My Advertising Pays scam is promoted as a state of the art advertising platform which allows you to share in the profits. Many of my subscribers do not believe their claims. Here is what I have found.

Click the following link to check my facts.


Alexus Power says:

And because of this you may have a look to GetProfitAdz. I don't say come to us! But I swear all my friends and me too are satisfied. With the comming CityBlog you don't have longer only advertisement on the Main page but on pages all around the world! And this will pust GPA so insane! Just have a look.. Just sayin…

Leonardo Cascio says:

holy words

Sub Zero says:

Could you please do a video of good paying legit websites by the way you just got a subscriber

Glauben heißt nicht wissen says:

hallo A video from Mr. Simon Stepsys. Bevor MAP they promotet a other Pyramid System Bunnersbroker.

Erick Feray says:

Thank you i was just about to sign in but i had a look at your video, but not now
thank you

Julio Navarro says:

Perfect explanation!

Bazi Hassan says:

true say

89aneesh says:

maps withdrew from US now I wonder why??

Bethwel Odero says:

Thank you so much Ethan, i believe you and am glad al never have to give my money as i had planned before

waqas jamal says:

thanks for review. save me some money

Brian Conover II says:

My paying ads is that a scam also? Traffic monsoon ? 


thanks mate

Derek Morrison says:

Thanks for sharing this. I had subscribed but had not parted with any cash so I am glad I found your review. Thanks

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