My advertising pays scam exposed

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My advertising pays scam exposed plus Learn How To Make Over $33462.10+ Per Month for FREE no membership, no credit packs full report Say no to My advertising pays scam and scammers and start to make money now for free, legally and Paypal verified.

My advertising pays is a scam and you know it that’s why you all come here looking for answers to the void but unfortunately, it’s not the answer you wanted, which proves that My advertising pays is a scam, so you all resort to name calling which is typical in the scammer world.

You got scammed, so now you’re trying to scam somebody else in the hope of getting your money back, stop scamming people and telling them that’s it’s no.
My advertising pays is a scam and so is everyone involved with it, they’re just a bunch of desperados trying to scam other desperados.

So for the last time I’m not the one who took your money or referred you to the My advertising pays scam, so stop calling me names for telling you the truth, you are the idiots who joined and fell for it not me, so deal with it, face your loss and here is how you can get your money back and what’s more – no membership- no creditpacks – 100% free and legal and Paypal verified.

Stop being morons, I’m actually trying to help you.
All you have to do to see if I’m telling the truth is google anyone who says anything good about My advertising pays and you’ll see they all have a long history of misleading and conning people.

My advertising pays scam exposed plus Learn How To Make Over $6.927+ Per Month for FREE no membership, no credit packs free full report Say no to My advertising pays scam and scammers and start to make money now for free, legally and Paypal verified.


Wales Express says:

FutureNet Presentation and get your $10 gift

Delia Perlas says:

im u can you hilp me one to fartner business

Jason Dower says:

you have used a video off a guy showing people how to use a interest free credit card and making a profit from my advertising pays and twisted it, the $60 is every 3 days until he gets $1200.00 but using the daily payments to cover the cost of the credit card. i think you need to look at the whole video and to realise what you say is wrong

Investor Life says:

amigo?¿?¿ no te entiendo, te rindes muy rapido en cualquier negocio?? y hablas mal si no te pagaron, actualmente estoy en MAP y ya he cobrado sin problemas, mas de 1452 dolares, en mi opinion no tuviste un buen patrocinador que te ayudára correctamente. saludos

Bachir Assane says:

what can I put here?
*Title of Campaign :

*Target Link:

*Banner Image URL:

Bachir Assane says:

yah, I haven't I Web site ,when I buying add packs what can I put in 3 spaces after chosen size?

Tiago Ruivo says:

58 dollars in that cheque…. you are doing very good…

Gary David H says:

HA, look at this OLD VIDEO. I bet this guy signed up. It is OCT 3, 2015. I am a member of My advertising pays. I have been for 2 months. They are STILL in business and ALWAYS will be, because IT WORKS and it's LEGAL. You can pick it apart all you want but this is REAL. MY RESULTS have me making approx $117 a day having 144 credit packs. You could have similar results if you do what I did. If you think it is a scam, you will not have the positive attitude to make it work. It does EXACTLY what everyone SAYS it does. Read the INCOME DISCLAIMER on the site and get started. Your missing out on PROFIT EVERY 20 MINUTES!
I am in MAP today and making money right now! This program is here to stay. If you want to sign up for FREE and get started, My name is Gary, just click on the link and I will do anything I can do to help you.

Kyle Da Vid says:

Is there any money to invest at all to make money in what you are promoting?

Joubert Mingot says:

have you lost any money in MAPS? or know anyone who lost money in MAPS?

Lucy Howard says:

I lost over 3000 to fraud, after the jig was up I took to the internet and found someone who tracked him down. Lucky he was in the states, revenge was sweet. Expose a scammer, get your money back. Contact 2Ton9 on kik or contact 6788302162. Don't be told nothing can be done about it, act now

Wales Express says:

Hi everyone, and thank you very much for watching this video and all the name calling, you've got to have a laugh sometimes.
What I'm exposing on this video is a 100 per cent scam, so hit me up and check me out here: or contact me here:Jose Nunes or Joe for short
Skype: jmlbusinesspro
See video description for more details – group training is limited.

Lachie Kollar says:

You don't understand the system.I have very  sorry for you because you are only losing money with such thinking and what is worse some people believe you.Get facts watch more videos from other people so you will learn.

Wales Express says:

Set yourself up fast No Cash Needed

Graham Gilbert says:

WRONG WRONG WRONG.. Yes the $49.99 credit pack's you purchase with your own money will end up costing around $55 once fee's are added, it is the cp's you purchase with your earnings that make you your money, exactly $49.99 for $60 return over and over again, repurchasing repurchasing repurchasing, if you think that won't make you money then you need to maybe take a mathes home study course. I personally have slowly built upto just under 700cp's, i am making approx $400 per day of which $300 goes into repurchasing cp's with the remaining $100 going into my bank. Once i hit the 1200 cap then i will be able to withdraw a larger percentage as i will be just maintaining instead of building.
I have yet to make anything from referral's but will start advertising once at 1200. 
I also have a number of other businesses advertised within maps of which i have had countless signups with one going on to make a $4k sale.
Is sad that some people are so ignorant that they're only attempt to show value is to try and label other businesses as scam's, i see it over and over again.

Russell Kendall says:

did you make that money by advertising clickbank products on MAPS? How can i learn how to sell clickbank products please?

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

I would agree.  My Advertising Pays is a scam.

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