My Advertising Pays Review – Scam Or Legit In 2016?

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My advertising pays review –

Welcome welcome welcome to my video on this wonderful beautiful day that the lord has made for us! My name is Jacob Luna and i am bring you my honest “my adverting pays review” so that you can ultimately decide if it is something you want to take part in or not. So basically my adverting pays is a company that allows you to share or promote you company of service by purchasing ad packages or clicks to you website or offer. It is a straight forward process and they also have a referral program where you earn a commission on your website visitors who buy traffic packages from your site.

My idea is to give you that guidance and help you make the right choice. Other my advertising pays review they only try to sell you into the company without giving you any real and true value. But in my review for my advertising pays, i open your eyes to a bigger brighter future within yourself and your potential.

You see, when i came online 6 years back, i failed and fell flat on my face onto the hot pavement bring from the summer heat. I jumped form product to product and business to business trying to find the secret. What happened just a few months back was i got connected with mentor , someone who struggled for years just like me and someone who has the success like how i wanted it badly.

So after that, i followed his training and found out my true potential on this planet and that is to motivate and inspire others to live you their god given purpose and sing this amazing online business opportunity that you have in front of you to be that vehicle to get you to your and destination.

My advertising pays review continued… or M.A.P’s is a legit company and they do pay its members, how do i know? Because if they weren’t legit, they would have been shut down b concerned authorities online real quickly.

Here is my opinion on my advertising pays and this is why i am giving you a my adverting pays review for you today.

My advertising pays review continued…

You don’t get paid enough for the time and energy you out into it.
Sometimes i feel the traffic is bots or not real persons visiting your websites
I craved more fulfillment in life and purpose. I wanted to help others become aligned with their true self potential in life.

But bottom line, my advertising pays is legit and it is ultimately your choice and what you feel is right for you.

my advertising pays review conclusion…

Thanks for stopping by to watch this video and let it guide you on the right path, in Jesus name, amen!

See you at the top,

Jacob Luna

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GMC says:

Jacob. take this video down maps is dead and finished and maps is shut down dont you know this you should not be promoting this company . they have stole the money and fucked off , Mike on his knees deese and tony and lynne booth.

Jennifer Quamina says:

My Advertising is no longer paying and is dead. We urge MAP members to contact the police at Action Fraud, the owners of My Advertising Pays have run off with members money. Here is the telephone number 0300 123 2040, if your calling from outside of the UK, here is the number +44 (0)169 8264 700 or +44 (0)289 0169 853

Blake Probert says:

Brilliant, Nice video.. Who was the 20 year old kid in the UK by the way? You sound like a good mentor. My email is

Jacob Luna says:

Yo Steve T. Appreciate you for commenting 🙂 Whats original to you? Hope to hear from you soon pal

Steve T says:

Yet another bulls hit testimonial shot in a car! Don't any of you have a single spark of originality?

Jacob ~ it's a scam. You're fooling only idiots like yourself, nobody else.

All that wonderful success and money and you've still got a shit car too.

ErrlDallas says:

It's only 10 ads per 24hrs. if you clicked all day that's you're choice. takes me 5-15minutes every 24hrs!

Jacob Luna says:

"dude" my point was, once you stop clicking on ads you will have income,
AND do you really see yourself clicking on ads for a living?

Resonate says:

Dude, you only have to click 10 ads per day! Please do your research before you make statements that are not true.

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