My Advertising Pays Calculator how to use it, step by step ! See the potential of MAP’s?

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My Advertising Pays CALCULATOR how to use it, step by step ! LINK :

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‫איך להרוויח כסף באינטרנט‬‎ says:

Is the calculator still working? When changing the MA i get less CP then when i was started!!

Mariusz Bąkowski says:

Well described calculator MAP. Thank you for good job

prada prado says:

Can you please roughly tell If somebody starts with 20 CP. How long will it take to get to 1200?

Holistic Living says:

How can i get this calculator?….Thanks for the video


How take the grante that if the company get bankrupt and take all people money is there any grantees 

Krys Wysocki says:

How can I get this calculator please ,this is great video

Ranadeb Ray says:

How do I get the Calculator?

Andrew Gough says:

were can i get this  my advertising pays calculator please

TheSnouts says:

Remember your packs expires with 60days ahahah think about it do an other videos with those expires packs your results won't be the same ahahah

Ronald Williams says:

you can still make money if you don't refer any body.

Kevin Dufoort says:

Lets be realistic at least you gonna find 10 refferals idiot grow up :)

Ricky Howarth says:

AWESOME VIDEO. Take credit for showing this, well done!!!!

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