My Advertising Pays 50 credit packs

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My Advertising Pays 50 credit packs


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“MAPS” My Advertising Pays is a traffic exchange. Many would not consider it a primary type of offer, but it can create primary offer income. I first saw MAPS in May 2014 and did not buy credit packs until October 9, 2014.

The same friend of mine who contacted me on Skype in May was persistent and kept following up with me so I started digging into it. When researching a business I want to know everything about it, corporate structure, long term business plan, sustainability, who is the owner and are they accessible, who is the top earner and are they accessible, security of the servers, back up systems and the safety of the data base. Everything checked out with flying colors.

MAPS only pays out commissions on real advertising sales. I knew from experience that any company that guarantees a certain amount of money in sales is not a real business. MAPS bases all profit share from real sales revenue. The traffic has been highly responsive and targeted.

MAPS is a buyers list. People who are normally seasoned marketers who have purchased in the past. MAPS members are by far the best audience to market to I have ever seen.

In this video, I show how I reached 50 credit packs with my earnings. Before assuming MAPS is something it is not, ask yourself.. what do all businesses need more of? TRAFFIC! You can take a look around for free please don’t hesitate to call me anytime with questions.


0:42 Buy Credit Pack
1:23 My Advertising Pays Traffic
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4:35 Spin the Wheel

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My Advertising Pays 50 credit packs

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