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Shola Abe says:

No I think it's because you need a referral link to join TSG

debra sinclair says:

You dont make sense!! If you have already withdrawn double your seed money, how would you qualify for any refund??
Also the financial barometer was put in place to protect program from commission junkies, who have withdrawn large sums in referral commissions without actually being active in the program. You would know this if you read the facebook page and also the explanation of the barometer itself. Admin specifically says that they know this would be unpopular for commission junkies.
It is wrong to say that people who don't recruit as well as yourself are lazy. Alot of people steer clear from such programs that require recruitment because they know that they are not good at it. They are encouraged to participate in revshares, not because of fast money, because they are definitely not fast, but because they sincerely want to utilise the advertising services with the prospect of a little profit if they invest in adpacks.
You are deifinitely a commission junkie!! But one does not have to be in order to earn a passive income.

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