My 30 Day RESET ROUTINE for more focus + A BIG LIFE UPDATE!!

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WHOA!! I spent the last 30 days focusing on 4 things that helped me reset to finish the rest of 2021 strong…and I had no idea that a big SURPRISE was in store for me! I was feeling a little ‘blah’ over the last couple of months and I needed to get my life together so I could feel my best and do my best in my business and personally moving forward. Let me know in the comments if this sparked any ideas for how you can achieve your goals for the rest of the year…

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Gather Now Network says:

suuny thank yo for this video,i dont know why i just find myself watching your videos more and more for each time i log on on youtube.Thank you for always giving us nice content

Diane Cohn says:

LOL, there's nothing like being alone with the house for a few days… 🙂 And congratulations on the HOUSE!!!

Daymond Johns says:

I know how youtube will end now. Content creators will run out of things to talk about, lol. It is the same talk; just different format. Just like the boring news.

Tabitha Howard says:

Congrats on the new house!! Can definitely relate to having some work fatigue and languishing, and starting to feel a lag, and Mrs. Blah trying to pull at me as I go into the second half of the year/Q3 due to any number of factors. Also, I can 100000000% affirm and attest to working an extra 2 hrs per day, but what I've done for the past 2-3 weeks is use a bedtime timer for going to bed and waking up (I go to bed at 11:30am, and wake up at 7:30am). And it has DEF made a difference in my stamina levels during the day as well as forcing me to clock out when I need to (I try to clock out at around 7/7:30) so I can actually wind down for bed properly. It's not a perfect science, but you can't make progress if you don't take any action at all right?? 😀

AccordingToJaz says:

sooo happy for you! loved this video, i definitely need a reset.

Lucy Griffiths says:

Congratulations Sunny, so happy for you, thanks for the awesome tips….!

RayAnn Chi - Master Your Reality says:

Congrats on your house!!! So happy for you! Loved this video and so true!! That reset button is real.


Ding-Ding-Ding… the bells to reset my life have been going off in my head for way too long. I do little things… but it's not enough. One of the things you did which I realized is a must-do and what I personally was missing is… a change scenery!! It's been way too long since I woke up in a new place… which for a travel junking and extrovert is a recipe for disaster. Now… I need to pick a place and go. Any suggestions… outside of Colorado?

Bramble Reid says:

Great Video… Congratulations!!!!.

Linda Larson Schlitz says:

SO true about the closet!! I did a reset a while ago and need to do another sweep but all of these things are definitely game changers! I need to get off the internet and get the rest of my home in order. I still have Christmas stuff sitting around! I am not kidding!!!

Monica Ochoa says:

That is so AWESOME sunny! I remember the day I bought my house. I did it on my own, no husband, no boyfriend and to be very honest little support from my parents. I stood in my backyard and just cried! I was so happy but sad that I was alone in that journey. But the exhilaration that I now own my own piece of dirt in this amazing world was just so overwhelming! I still own that same house today but a very different house than what I bought. Congrats Sunny, your gonna be looking at a lot of home decor books for a very long time! lol

Sue Dyson says:

Thank you for sharing your reset tips AND your wonderful, wonderful joy. Happy tears with ya 🙂

Amri Celeste - Interview Coach says:

Congratulations Sunny! You are living proof of intentional living. Thank you for your content, hope you love the new house! x

Carlyn Neek says:

Congratulations! This is wonderful news! A huge step in your life and a space to create a lifetime of memories.

Rob Mv3Trader says:

Thank you for giving me my word of the day!

Gabi says:

So happy for you!!!

Organized Jane says:

Yes! I love closet organizing. This is what I tell all my clients as a first step to getting more organized. And I am impressed by your minimal signature style!

Niloo says:

YESSSSS…I'm OBSESSED with decluttering! You should watch "The Home Edit" on Netflix – vicarious high! Also – random question – but are your nails natural? If not, what kind of nails do you get?

Morgan Witte Taylor says:

I just cleaned out my closet last week and I wish I would have taken some before and after photos! Also, my husband is leaving for a trip this weekend and I'm reorganizing our kitchen… so no, it's not ridiculous to be excited about having the house to yourself to tear it all apart and then put it together again more nicely!

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