My 24 hour income Review What Could Take My 24 Hour Income Down

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Here is my video review on a new site called My 24 hour income. It one of the hottest new rev share. In this video I really wanted to target people who maybe putting way too much hope in my 24 hour income or in rev shares in general. One thing I point out in this video is most types of these program go down because people start promoting it as an investment opportunity and that is just not good for the rev share industry. it brings a lot of attention from people who don’t want to see things like this program live. the my 24 hour income results are only of people who take about how much money they are making off the ad packs. This kind of promotion will eventually bring in the wrong type of people into the system. It will bring people who are lazy and just want to make money off the ad packs that’s bad because the SEC could shut the program down if they think it’s just some sort of investment program. I feel affiliates of this program should not keep talking about the My 24 hour income calculator or the My 24 hour income withdraws they are getting because like I said it will get the wrong type of people involved

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Mike Owens says:

People are complaining that they've given Drew Burton well over $2,000 + of their own money since August 20, 2016 and are now being told that they can not withdraw any of the money that they have given him before January 1, 2017 unless they are willing to pay him at least 90% of what they may want to withdraw from their account the next day. For the people who are not understanding exactly what that means. It means every single penny that a person gave Drew Burton Before January 1, 2017 is no longer their's to decide how much of it that they want to withdraw. (Remember, this is their own money!) However, now "Drew Burton" and his admins are now in control of if or not they will ever get to touch their own money ever again. Please everyone be smart and stay away from this SCAM and find yourself a trustworthy program and owner that will not hold your hard earned money hostage for himself and all his admins who obviously support what he's doing to spend! I hope the SEC and FBI are taking a closer look at "Drew Burton" and his unethical way of doing business.

Killer How To And Reviews says:

I almost got into it and I said the samething

Yogender Singh Ranawat says:

It's a scam complained registered in India…
Scammers information are here

Josue Vela Cruz says:

What do you think about mypayingads?

My24HourIncome [SCAM] says:

Drew Burton has made 50k peoples Christmas bad.
Stole 10k of my Parents money



Lawrence Fernandes says:

Your vids are good, they make a lot of sense. So I "liked" and I subscribed. What more can I do. Take my money already, I don't care what program you are into, lol 😉

But here's the thing. If you talk about traffic and advertising, there are other things, like safelists, TEs and solo ads etc. Not a single person so far has tracked the results of any revshare advertising and given proof that it has brought conversions in their primary businesses. Eg., no one came out and declared that he/she made a killing in Empower Network, or Digital Altitude or any random bizopp, and gave proof that it all came from Traffic Monsoon traffic. Therefore why on earth would anyone promote it as a good traffic source? It is what it is; quick money fix. Admit it. Charles Scoville knows it. Of course, he won't say that in public.

But anyways, I am a newbie and a small newbie, so my opinion don't count. Good vid though, as always. As an afterthought, why would anyone advertise a good traffic source. Sounds like a paradox. Aren't the big hitters keeping their traffic sources a fiercely guarded secret? In other words, if Traffic Monsoon was working for me in my Empower Network business, wouldn't I keep it to myself and not let it get saturated? This further refutes your argument that people should promote revshares as an advertising source. They won't, it just aint a traffic source, it IS an investment. peace out >>

Keonne Samuel says:

do you have facebook my love?

Sam OA says:

i am in it, but your review pretty much touched some strong points that i am completely in sync with. i prefire this to the bashing some other folks do to Drew who has conscientiously and painstakingly laid out ethical ways to promote My24. great review 🙂

Marco Contreras says:

do you know any legit online businesses that arent scams?

mon3ybagz says:

Your beautiful btw….

Steven Squillace says:

Thanks for doing the world a solid my friend I like your style.

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