My 24 Hour Income Merges With TheAdsLeader * Data Base Transfer

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E Mo says:

tell drew to giv the money back that rat will not run ill get him for rubbing me!!

E Mo says:

big scam where is my add paks i loged in the ads leader there is nothing there ??!!! sean what the hell is dru is doing ?

Charles Horlacher says:

None of my adpacks from my 24 transferred over. Scammed

btube2006 says:

I can't believe people are dumb enough to follow Drew into another scam.

Andra Glenn says:

What's cool about this company…They will allow Mr. Drew Burton to get a Referral Fee from everyone that add FUNDS for bring us to this system !! How Cool Huh

Dan Watson says:

I won't be a part of anything Drew Burton is even a fellow member of. much less an admin role.
He has been caught in far too many lies for me. Even some of his past admin have left him because they feel the use way.

Dele Ojewumi says:

I would have thought that since MY24 has started receiving it's huge ton of frozen funds from PAYZA, which is used by the trading team of The Ads Leader to generate Income supposedly for MY24 members ad infintum, Drew Burton should have moved the AdPacks of MY24 members to TAL, rather than "zero" this, even if FROZEN for as long as necessary to generate the required income to pay the MY24 members. That would have given him much credibility and significantly assuaged My24 members. What a missed opportunity to write his name in gold.

Mike G says:

You failed to mention if you retained all your adpacks, with this change. or were all your adpacks wiped out or set to Zero?????
Your response would be appropriated .

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